Pho 34 Now Open in Levittown

Offering traditional Vietnamese soup and more.

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Photo: Facebook.

Opened just a few weeks ago, the Vietnamese restaurant Pho 34 is offering a full menu including pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup.


Pho choices include noodle soup with steak, meatballs, or brisket ($12.95). The appetizer menu offers fresh summer rolls (aka goi cuon), a mix of shredded pork, sliced shrimp, lettuce, vermicelli and fresh basil wrapped in rice paper and service in a house peanut sauce on the side. They also have summer rolls with grilled chicken (ga nuong), grilled beef (bo nuong), and grilled shrimp  (tom nuong). All $6.95. Vietnamese fish sauce fried chicken wings (canh ga chien mam) are on there too, regular or hot ($7.95).


Main dishes include Vitenamese fried rice plates with chicken ($12.95), beef ($12.95), and shrimp ($13.93), and vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce, bean sprouts, scallion, pickled carrots and roasted peanuts. Sandwiches include grilled pork, chicken, or beef ($6.50).


On Yelp, Tran T. said that the new restaurant is a hit.


“I have to say, as a Vietnamese-American, there's not a lot of authentic/great options on the Island, but I'm happy to report that Pho 34 hit the spot,” she wrote. “The pho broth was deep and complex (as it should be) and all the traditional Vietnamese flavors/notes were present in every dish.”


Location: 3948 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown, (516) 934-0180.