Legislator Al Krupski Sponsors Legislation to Improve the Process for Purchasing Development Rights & Open Space


Legislator Krupski is seeking to improve the process by which Suffolk acquires titles to open space and development rights on farmland.

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July 30, 2013 - Suffolk County, NY - Legislator Krupski garnered the support of the Suffolk County Legislature on Tuesday for his bill that will improve the efficacy of the process by which the county acquires fee title on open space and the development rights on farmland. 
In the past, the county’s preservation efforts have been hampered by the lack of effective policies to ensure that the contract process for title reports, appraisals, surveys and environmental assessments was consistent. This has slowed the process down and frustrated many landowners whose property was in the pipeline for purchase. 
Once it is signed by the County Executive, the new law will require The Division of Real 
Property Acquisition & Management to issue a Request for Qualification, or RFQ, at least once every three years to identify eligible title insurance companies as well as appraisers, surveyors and environmental assessment professionals. In addition, the law clearly defines the criteria companies and individuals must meet to be included in the pool. 
An Audit Report by the Suffolk County Comptroller issued in 2010 recommended these changes and found that the implementation of the law would promote competition and ensure fairness and transparency in the awarding of contracts. 
According to Legislator Krupski “Suffolk County was a pioneer in land preservation, but this will ensure the county’s preservation program will run more efficiently and as our resources allow.” 
Contact: Gwynn Schroeder