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With 127 public school districts and nearly twice as many private schools in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, there is almost no limit to elementary and secondary education options on Long Island. There are several well-reputed special education programs operating at public schools on Long Island, as well as nationally leading ESL and Bilingual education options. It is estimated that nearly half a million students, instructed by approximately 35,000 teachers, attend Long Island public and private schools, with the number growing each year. Long Island is also home to the largest school districts in New York State outside of the New York City Public Schools system.

Public Schools

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127 public school districts operate on Long Island. The Suffolk County Public School District comprises two of the three major district cooperatives, including Eastern and Western Suffolk County Public Schools, each with the goal of ensuring that every student meets or excels beyond the standards set in place by the New York State Board of Regents. Eastern Suffolk is an education cooperative of 51 school districts, and Western Suffolk is a cooperative of 18 local school districts. Western Suffolk County Public School provides 79 educational services efficiently to the districts that it oversees.

The third major district cooperative is the Nassau County School District, which works in cooperation with over 50 districts in the county. Nassau County schools are ranked among the best in New York State.

Private and Parochial Schools

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Most private schools on Long Island are parochial institutions. A handful of these schools are not co-ed, such as Chaminade High School in Mineola, which is an all-boys school, or St. Joseph's in Brentwood, which is an all-girls school. However, there are several co-ed parochial schools on Long Island as well, including St. John the Baptist in West Islip and St. Anthony's in Melville.

Hebrew Schools are also abundant on Long Island. The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach in Nassau is a co-ed elementary school which also offers an early childhood program and a day care center.

Non-sectarian private schools on Long Island offer the opportunity to learn in smaller classes with greater resources. Buckley Country Day School in Roslyn is a kindergarten through eighth grade school that, by avoiding the separate middle school setting, provides a continuous education to students while they remain in a familiar setting. Vincent Smith School also provides an alternative for parents seeking special education for their children; their specialized curriculum is designed specifically to meet the challenges of learning-disabled students.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools, while publicly funded, are not bound by all the major rules and regulations of public schools. Instead charter schools possess the accountability for their creative teaching methods and educational reforms that set them apart from public schools. Charter Schools began developing on Long Island largely in the past decade. The Riverhead Charter School is one such school; it collects no tuition but offers a private school experience for students living near the fork. The Riverhead Charter School has developed a curriculum that requires 90 minutes of reading and an hour of math instruction daily. Additionally, foreign language instruction begins as early as kindergarten, as do ESL and enrichment programs.

Higher Education Opportunities

Higher education is also widely available across the Island, and several prestigious colleges and universities call Long Island home. In all, Long Island is home to 17 four year colleges and universities, eight two-year colleges, and five professional training institutions (including state and private). No matter what field of study you wish to embark upon, you will find a suitable and competitive higher education program on Long Island.

State Colleges and Universities

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The State University of New York has several campuses on Long Island ranging from two-year community colleges to four year, doctoral granting institutions. Stony Brook University is a world renowned medical research institution that works collectively with a number of colleges in the immediate region, as well as internationally. Kiplinger's ranked Stony Brook as 29th in value for out-of-state students and 35th for in-state students. The University oversees the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Stony Brook University Medical Center which is paving the way in new research for cancer treatments.

Farmingdale State University is a widely-recognized leader in agricultural and architectural studies. Recently the school has gained popularity for its dentistry and computer forensics and studies programs. SUNY Old Westbury is a leader among Long Island colleges and universities for adolescent and middle childhood education. Nassau Community College and Suffolk County Community College provide an excellent first step on the way to higher education. Both colleges offer associate degrees in a handful of programs, and each is a popular school for earning two-year nursing degrees. Because Long Island has a wealth of private industry, these schools offers many options in the way of internships and professional experience.

Private Universities

Long Island's private universities include both nonsectarian and religious affiliations. Hofstra University, founded in 1935, is the largest private university on Long Island with nine distinct colleges and schools, and an enrollment of approximately 6,000 full-time undergraduates with a total 12,000 enrolled students. St. Joseph's University, founded in 1916, offers a well-rounded liberal arts education and has an enrollment of approximately 5,000 students. St. Joseph's University has four campuses on or near Long Island as well as two international campuses in Rome and Paris. The student body of St. Joseph's is enormous, currently with over 15,000 undergraduate students and over 5,000 graduate students. Dowling College is situated on the former W. K. Vanderbilt estate in Oakdale, and has a second location in Brookhaven. Dowling offers exciting programs within the School of Aviation, which makes state-of-the-art flight simulators available to budding pilots.

Five Towns College in Dix Hills is best-known for its music and television production programs, offering instruction in many fields of entertainment and performing arts. Long Island University, founded in 1926 as a means of providing affordable higher education to the residents of Long Island, is today best known for programs in health sciences, businesses, and education. Ad.longisland.comy in Garden City and Hauppauge was founded in 1893, and after switching back and forth between being a co-educational institution and an all-women's school, became the home of the first clinical psychology program in the United States; today the school strives to make higher and continuing education available and convenient for adults.

Trade Schools

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A variety of trade schools make professional development opportunities right here on Long Island. Instruction in a variety of fields, such as culinary arts, auto mechanics, healthcare, technical training, and beauty among many others are made available at local, professional training institutions, making it easy and simple to get your career started. Many of these vocational schools offer a fast-track to a higher paying job and a life-long career - without spending tens of thousands of dollars and years in college.

No matter what your career path is, Long Island has a technical institute that can help you learn the skills necessary to enter your desired field. The Star Academy of Syosset offers a variety of different programs, including Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Hotel & Restaurant Management, and Dialysis Technician Training. In Dix Hills and Northport, Wilson Tech offers classes for both teens and adults, so that students who are set on their career path at a young age can hit the ground running, and adults that are looking for a career change can get going right away with their new career. If you're ready to get started on your new career now, then a technical school might be the right choice for you - visit our directory to find out more about programs offered locally.

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