An Open Letter To Our President Elect: As We Approach Veterans Day 2008...

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While last week I would have said, "If only...," now I'll say, "Yes we can!"

Dear President Elect Obama:

As a veteran who has health issues as a result of my service in Vietnam, I am all too aware of the difficulties facing veterans who attempt to obtain answers to even the simplest of health and benefit related questions. As a veteran service officer my own experiences help provide those missing answers to others.

If your choice for the Department of Veteran Affairs Secretary had their own experiences as a veteran service officer, perhaps at the 'county' level where one personally deals with veterans, these personal experiences could help them better understand the many issues they will be facing, in a way most of the recent past secretaries have not understood.

As to one thing your choice should avoid, any direct or indirect 'personal' involvement with QTC Management, Inc., something most of the recent past secretaries have not avoided.

Walter C. Schmidt, VSO CPA

--- Regards, Walt Schmidt