Man Attacks Neighbor's Daughter With a Broom

When Matthew Levine scared the owner out of her house he proceeded to go upstairs to her daughter's room and attack the 8-year-old with a broom.

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On Friday night at 1 a.m. a Long Island man broke into his neighbor’s home. Once inside he hit his neighbor’s daughter over the head with a broom. The suspect of the unusual break in at Forest Lane in Westbury is 22-year-old Matthew Levine.
According to the 34-year-old owner of the house she heard a noise coming from her kitchen in the middle of the night. When she went downstairs she found her neighbor Levine just standing there. Once the woman saw him in her kitchen she ran away to a neighbor’s house and called for the police. Her running away from her neighbor to call for help though left her daughter all alone in the house.
When the woman ran through the front door Levine proceeded to walk upstairs to her daughter’s room. Police say he repeatedly hit the 8-year-old over the head with a broom. While in the little girl’s room he also removed her cell phone and any chance of her calling for help. 
Third Precinct police officers responded to the scene of the break in and arrested Levine in the house. The little girl suffered a minor head injury and refused medical attention when paramedics arrived. 
For breaking into the house and assaulting the little girl, Levine is charged with First-Degree Burglary, Second-Degree Assault, Fourth-Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. He’ll be arraigned today at the First District Court in Hempstead.
[Source: Nassau County Police Department Facebook]