Bullet Found on Kings Park Bus


A long bullet was discovered inside a school bus on Monday morning.

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As our nation’s gun debate rages on in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Kings Park Central School District has made an alarming discovery of a bullet on one of its buses two days ago.  

According to an e-mail sent out by Superintendent Susan Arguso, the singular piece of ammunition measured four inches in length and is believed to have been manufactured prior to World War II for a German rifle. Though such an antique is now more likely intended as a keepsake for a World War memorabilia collection than for use in an actual firearm, it is still a safety hazard and cause for concern.

Upon discovery, students on the bus were interviewed and their backpacks and lockers inspected, but the search turned up no other bullets or related items. The matter has been brought to the Suffolk County Police Department, which is now in possession of the bullet, and the District is asking anyone who may have information relevant to how this bullet found its way onto a school bus to call either their child’s principal or Superintendent Arguso herself.