Adorable Adoptables: Meet Alex, Tessa & Jenna!

It's my pleasure to introduce to you Alex, Tessa & Jenna!

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Jenna is waiting to be adopted this holiday season, and so is her sister Tessa along with many other adorable pets.

LI's Adorable Adoptables is a weekly column by Allison Matos, a lifelong Long Island resident who has been advocating animal adoption since 2012. Allison's weekly posts highlight local animals in need of adoption, and cover general animal welfare topics as well.

Alex is one of many friendly dogs waiting to be adopted this holiday season.

Everyone needs to meet Alex!  A new and quite unique resident at the Town of Hempstead, Alex is sweet and friendly as can be with people, he is super social and seeks out your attention. Alex is playful with toys and can even retrieve the ball! Alex displayed no issue with people near his food and is recommended for a home with teens and up.  Alex is friendly with dogs too, not sure about cats, but his feline friendliness can be tested.  But wait- there’s more. Alex may just be the most special dog you’ve ever met – this angel came into the shelter with both male and female body parts. After multiple surgeries (Alex needed a spay and a neuter), Alex is healthy and ready to be adopted! There is no special care that Alex will need, just an understanding owner. Please don’t let his uniqueness hold you back, Alex is an awesome boy and desperately deserves a home! Please come meet him today! For more information, call or visit the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter: 516-785-5220, 3320 Beltagh Avenue, Wantagh NY 11793.

Tessa just so happens to be a celebrity cat, who's also waiting to find a forever home. She and her sister, Jenna, were invited to take part in the upcoming Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl.

Tessa and Jenna are superstars! Sisters who were rescued after being dumped on a building doorstep have now been fostered, cared for and loved, and ready to find their forever homes.  Tessa and Jenna are so stinkin’ cute that they’ve been invited to take in part in the upcoming Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl! So if you are looking to adopt an awesome kitten, that just happens to be a celebrity, Tessa and Jenna are your girls! Come meet this cuties and rest of their “team” at Last Hope Animal Recue today! Please click here for more information.

This holiday season, please consider giving to your local animal shelters.  If you can’t donate financially, there are many items that can be donated to help animals in need. This list was provided by the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, please check with your local shelter before donating:

  • Toys
  • Newspapers
  • Leashes (Heavy Duty)   
  • KMR Powdered kittens formula
  • Martingale or Buckle Style Collars                              
  • Saftey/Breakaway Collar
  • Sheets & Blankets                                                     
  • Towels                                                                     
  • Beds                                                            
  • Nylabones                                                                 
  • Litter Pans
  • Kongs                                                                       
  • Litter
  • Crates (All sizes)                                                     
  • Pet Carriers (All sizes)
  • Brushes & Combs                                                       
  • Stuffed animals                                                        
  • (Previously loved is fine!)                                          
  • Unopened food (wet & dry)                                                                       
  • Jarred baby food (Meat only)
  • Portable heaters                                     
  • Gift cards for Petco, PetSmart, Target & Walmart are also accepted.

Additionally, many shelters, like Last Hope Animal Rescue in Wantagh, run annual Holiday Pet Food Drives which benefit feral cat caretakers, pet owners facing hard times and Last Hope foster and shelter pets. For more information and to donate online, click here

Happy Holidays and please remember to always adopt, never shop!