LI’s Adorable Adoptable Pets: Take Jasmine Home for National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day, so support mixed breeds. Don't shop - Adopt!

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July 31 is National Mutt Day – time to celebrate mixed-breed dogs!  Mutts make marvelous pets, as they tend to be healthier than purebred dogs which are often inbred and thus prone higher risk of cancer, eye and heart disease, bone disorders, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.  As a result, they have a greater life expectancy.  As an added bonus, mutts have been found to be better behaved than purebred dogs due to more genetic variance.  Think purebreeds are the only working dogs?  Nope – mutts are often trained as bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs, and are also trained as therapy dogs and guide dogs for the blind.  Shelters are packed with mutts, so use this year’s National Mutt Day to visit your local shelter and find your new companion!

Our mutt of the day today is Jasmine, a Chihuahua mix from Save-a-Pet Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Port Jefferson Station.  Jasmine is just three years old, and has already reached her maximum size, which is quite petite.  Jasmine bonds heavily with one person, so if you are looking for a best buddy, she is it!  Once this black beauty gets to know you, she will be loyal and always at your side, or in her other favorite place: your lap.

Jasmine is spayed, house trained, and up-to-date with her routine vaccinations.

Click Here for More Info about Adopting Jasmine at Save-a-Pet!

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