Murder Suspect Gives Up Custody of Sons

Robert Rodriguez has given temporary custody of his sons, Robert Jr. and Alex, ages 9 and 6, to the government since he's lost his job and was evicted from their Farmingdale apartment after his girlfriend's ...

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Robert Rodriguez, a suspect in the death of his girlfriend’s 17-month old son, Justin Kowalczik, has given temporary custody of his sons, Robert Jr., 9, and Alex, 6, to the government.  

Rodriguez’s attorney, Bryan Davis of Garden City, told Suffolk Family Court Judge David Freundlich at a hearing in Central Islip on Tuesday that his client has lost his job and been evicted from his home earlier in the week.  
Last week, social services visited Rodriguez’s home, where he lived with Heather Kowalczik and their two sons as part of an investigation into the treatment of the couple’s son Alex, who has autism.  
During the meeting, Kowalczik confessed to having a third son and showed the social worker where the toddler was buried in the backyard in 2010.  Kowalczik initially told the investigator that Justin was living with family in Orange County, where the family had lived until shortly before Justin’s death.  
Neighbors reported that they were unaware that Kowalczik had a younger son.
Rodriguez was given temporary housing, but due to harassment and threats he’s been forced to move to an undisclosed address.  
An autopsy is expected to reveal the cause of death.  Neither Rodriguez or Kowalczik have been charged in what police are calling a suspicious death. 
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