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Maintaining your health is something that is important to everyone, and with the medical advances that are made, it seems as though there are new ways to improve your health & wellness each and every day. Long Island Health & Wellness articles will give you the scoop on the important health issues you'll want to know about, as well as topics of specific interest to Long Islanders.

Mark Your Calendar - National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is April 26th!

Have prescription drugs that you no long use or that have expired? Dispose of them properly through an initiative with the Drug Enforcement Administration on April 26th.

AG Schneiderman Leads 13-State Coalition In Opposing Proposed U.S. House Bill That Strips States Of Right To Protect Citizens Against Toxic Chemical

Revisions to the Toxic Substances Control Act Would Eliminate Powers of States to Protect Public Health and the Environment.

Casual Marijuana Use in Young Adults Leads to Not So Good Brain Changes, Study Finds

As more states legalize marijuana use, a new study out this week questions whether it is for the better. The study shows young adults using marijuana, even occasionally, face abnormal brain changes.

Suffolk County Bans Tobacco, e-Cig Sales to Those Under 21

Suffolk residents under the age of 21 will soon find it a little harder to get a hold of cigarettes, e-cigs, and other smoking products.

Mineola Resident to Take Part in Upcoming Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon to Raise Funds for Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck

Liz Holzknecht Surpasses Fundraising Goal of $1,000; Sister Attended Camp For Eight Years Before Passing in 2013.

Take Care of Our World: Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd!

Life can be so fast paced that we can forget about the importance of our environment. Be sure to reflect this Earth Day on ways to keep our home safe.

Tips for Avoiding Ticks this Season

Take these precautions to avoid illnesses that come from ticks.

Lab-Grown Body Parts Possible with Tissue-Engineering

A group of researchers have successfully recreated vaginas in the laboratory to function properly with women absent of the part or who have underdeveloped vaginas due to a rare condition.

Long Island Crisis Center Alert: Spring, Not Winter, is Peak Suicide Season

Ask most people which time of the year they think has the highest suicide rate and they will answer during the dark and cold winter, especially around the holidays. Instead, recent studies continue to report that suicide ...

Worries of Mold in Capri Sun Pouch Drinks Addressed with Clear Bottom Packaging

The next time you grab that fruit juice pouch for the kids, take these extra steps to check for mold.

Health Alert - Governor Cuomo Advises New Yorkers to Be Cautious of Ticks as Warmer Weather Arrives

Precautions Can Help Prevent Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases.

Schumer Announces That, After His Push, Administration Has Reversed Course On Proposed Medicare Cuts That Would Have Hurt Seniors

Administration’s Proposed Cuts To Medicare Advantage Would Have Hurt 1 Million NYers, Potentially Raising Premiums and Forcing Many Seniors To Switch Doctors and Plans.

Long Island Nursing Home Hired Male Stripper to Entertain Residents, Elderly Woman and Her Son File Lawsuit

A Long Island nursing home entertained its residents by hiring a stripper.

Study Finds Vegetarians Have Poorer Health than Meat-Eaters

A vegetarian diet may have some significantly negative effects on your health, according to Austrian researchers.

Tobacco Could Hold Key to Fighting Cancer, New Study Says

Scientists in Australia have found an antimicrobial peptide capable of targeting and destroying cancer cells.

Suffering from Stress? Destress this April with Relaxing, Inexpensive Fun

Is stress getting the best of you? Manage it with these tips for Stress Awareness Month.

CDC Report on E-Cigarette Poisoning Increases Pressure for FDA’s Authority over the Products

E-cigarettes are claimed to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, but they pose a danger to children. Pressure is on for the FDA to have oversight over the products.

Spring Allergy Season Begins and FDA Approves Allergy Pill that Could Replace Allergy Shot for Some

It's the start of the spring allergy season! Some can soon find relief by simply taking a pill in place of an allergy shot.

Nassau County Earns Recognition For Healthy Living

Places 1st in State for Health Factors.

Staying Fit This Spring: Events and Ideas for a Healthy Body

As the weather gets warmer, many of us need to start working off our winter fat. Check out our tips for staying in shape or getting in shape.
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