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Whether you own or rent, everyone wants their house to be a place that they can call home. From décor tips to gardening and home improvement ideas, Long Island Home & Garden Articles bring you the insights on how to perfect your abode.

Following Famous Footsteps Across Long Island

Take a journey through the past as you follow famous footsteps across Long Island.

Very Berry Picking on Long Island

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. No matter what berry you want this summer, there are plenty of great places to pick on the island. So be sure to try to pick this summer!

Red, White & Blue: Patriotic Crafts To Do With The Kids

Celebrate this 4th of July making fun, patriotic, kid friendly crafts!

Go Greener: Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Some helpful energy saving tips so you can go easy on your wallet, and easy on the planet this summer.

Beautiful Blooming Botanicals: Long Island Gardens & Arboretums

Green thumbs and nature lovers alike will be taken aback by the exquisite beauty of the many gardens Long Island has to offer.

Places To See And Learn About Beautiful Butterfly Species

Get educated about, and up close and personal with, a variety of butterfly species housed right here on Long Island.

Mangano Converts Foreclosures into Homes for First-Time Buyers

Mangano: "My administration continues to improve local neighborhoods by transforming dilapidated properties into homes for families."

How to Save on Grilling this Summer: BBQ Without Burning Meat or Money

For frugal summer fun, follow these tips to save money while grilling for all of your friends and family.

How to End the Itch: Poison Ivy Relief Made Simple

Poison ivy is a rapidly spreading plant which has an oil, urushiol, which causes allergic reactions and can travel even faster on anything that touches it.

Don't Sweat This Summer: Preparing Your House for Summer

The weather has been consistently warm lately and now it is time to prepare the home for the warmer weather. Check out our tips to preparing your home!

How to Keep Those Pesky Bugs at Bay This Summer

It’s summer time and the living is easy, well, except for those pestering bugs!

Dangerous Mouse and Rat Poison Pellets Get Phased Out After EPA Puts Pressure on Nation’s Largest Producer

After years of battle, the EPA and the nation's largest maker of rat poison come to an agreement to phase out select products of d-Con. Accidental ingestion of rat and mouse poison has impacted 10,000 children each ...

It’s Bee Swarm Season, More than 16,000 Bees Were Removed from a City Tree

In a swarm, bees are not looking to attack unless you disturb them. On the streets of New York City, more than 16,000 of them were removed on Monday.

Kick Off Summer with these Hot Deals!

Memorial Day is officially here and so is the start of summer. Start it off right with savings and deals at Lowe's, Home Depot, Kohl's and Au Bon Pain!

Helpful Tips for Opening Your Pool

It’s about time to start opening up those pools again! Here are a few helpful tips to get you in the water.

Hot Spots: Comedy Events & Outdoor Fun to Complete Your Memorial Day Weekend

Top Memorial Day weekend celebration with these additional events, including comedy shows, a lighthouse tour, organic farm tour, and more!

Make Your Lawn the Talk of the Town with Hardy, Beautiful Plants

Get your yard summer ready with plants that will withstand the weather and pesky deer.

The Gates Are Open to America’s Best Private Gardens

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program is America’s only private garden-visiting program of its kind, featuring hundreds of magnificent spaces not normally open to the public.

Buying Feeders is for the Birds: Try these Great DIY Creations

Take a rainy afternoon to make one of these great bird feeders, then see which new feathered friends visits your backyard!

Can Plants Grow on Mars? Next NASA Rover Launch May Put It to the Test

New question on the minds of researchers: Can plants grow on Mars? Next NASA Mars rover launch may put it to the test.
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