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One thing that there is no lack of on Long Island is fabulous wine and dining. With almost limitless dining options on Long Island, you'll want to know what other locals enjoy before hitting the town, or heading out East for a vineyard trip.

Egg-cellent Ways to Enjoy Easter Eggs After the Holiday

Wondering what to do with all of those Easter Eggs? Check out these great ways to enjoy your leftovers post-holiday!

Skip the Super Market and Try a Farmers Market: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Now that the weather is improving, farmers markets are beginning to start functioning for the year. Try some local produce and goods!

Celebrate the Savory Aroma of Garlic with these National Garlic Day Recipes!

Keep vampires at bay with these recipes that are brimming with the pungent flavor and smell of garlic!

The Day After Tax Day: What to Do With Your Tax Refund

Everyone's taxes were due yesterday and many of you are waiting patiently for your tax returns. As you wait, start thinking about what you will do with your tax refund!

Enjoy an Elegant Easter Dinner - Recipes for Favorites Your Family Will Love!

This year, try adding something new to your time-honored Easter dinner traditions.

Skip the Store and Make Your Own Tasty Easter Candy with these Recipes!

Instead of buying candy, make your own great-tasting Easter sweets this year.

Easter Portrait Deals and Savings to Tasty Meals!

Treasure the moment of kids in cute Easter outfits with portraits! There are plenty of savings offers available in this week's Local Steals & Deals along with dining deals.

Worries of Mold in Capri Sun Pouch Drinks Addressed with Clear Bottom Packaging

The next time you grab that fruit juice pouch for the kids, take these extra steps to check for mold.

Schumer Announces FDA Has Heeded His Call and Will Tamp Down on Honey Laundering

After Years of Stickiness, FDA Will Finally Heed Senator’s Call & Create New Rules for the Labeling of Pure Honey – Making It Much Easier For Feds to Crack Down on Mislabeling, Unfair Competition & Dangerous Products.

Packing the Perfect Picnic: Mouthwatering Meals to Enjoy at the Park!

With the warm weather heading our way, plan the perfect picnic with these rich recipes and tips!

Traditional Recipes for Your Passover Seder Menu

Invited to Passover Seder and don't know what to make, or hosting a Passover dinner for the first time? Try one of these traditional recipes that are sure to be a hit.

Thirst-Quenching Free Offers and Sweet Treats for You and Your Pet

Don't miss the latest free offers and promotions available at McDonald's, Starbucks, Quiznos and PetSmart!

Fresh Ideas for School Lunches that are Delicious, Nutritious, and Cheap

Tired of the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich or bags of chips and cookies? Try some of these recipes for quick and easy school lunches.

Egg-cellent Places to Enjoy Easter Brunch

Many Long Islanders will be celebrating Easter this Easter Sunday on April 20th. After going to Easter Mass, many go and enjoy brunch. Check out some of the great brunches being offered all over the idea.

Cereal Boxes: There’s More to the Box than You Think, Study Finds

Do you or the kids have the urge to buy each time you walk down the cereal aisle? There's something to the eye gaze of the characters on cereal boxes, according to a study.

Make Sure Not to Pass Over the Great Catering and Events for the Passover Holiday

Beginning the evening of April 14th and ending the evening of April 22nd is the Jewish holiday of Passover. During this holiday, Jews have a special dinner with a certain diet that is done for the holiday. ...

Hop Over to These Free Offers in April!

There are plenty of free offers to enjoy in April. Check out the offers from Ben & Jerry's, The Melting Pot and Subway!

Slurp Them Down! Clams on a Half Shell Day!

March 31st is Clams on a Half Shell Day! So if you enjoy eating clams, make March 31st your day to go out and enjoy them!

Entenmann’s to Close Longstanding Bay Shore Factory

After 109 years on Long Island, Entenmann’s Bay Shore factory will soon be shuttered.
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