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If knowing what the new best thing is going to be is one of your passions, then you'll want to check out the latest about Tech & Science on Long Island. From local breakthroughs to national news, we have what you need to know about recent innovations in technology and science.

AG Schneiderman Settles with Apple in E-book Price-Fixing Case

Settlement With Apple Could Result In Payments To Consumers Of Up To $400 Million.

AG Schneiderman & Illinois AG Madigan Urge FCC to Strengthen Protections for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Is Essential to Preserving the Benefits of Competition and Innovation on the Web for All Americans

Nickel Exposure through Electronic Devices May Be Cause for Rash

Coming up with a skin rash? It may be due to nickel exposure from contact with electronic devices you're using everyday.

Savings on Kids Apparel, Cold Shake and Get Cash for Unwanted Electronic Devices

Planning to see 'Planes: Fire and Rescue' with the kids this Friday? Find out how the movie stub can save you $10 at Kohl's. Also, don't miss an offer on a cold shake and how to turn ...

Super Star Gazing Spots

Visit one of Long Island’s observatories, or grab a blanket and lay outside on a clear night, and gaze up at the night’s sky to take in some star gazing.

Shoreham’s Tesla Science Center Given $1 Million Donation from Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla Motors has made a sizeable donation to a museum being built on Long Island.

Millions of Dollars of Unauthorized In-App Purchases Made by Kids Results in FTC Suing Amazon

It can be hard for children to tell the difference between when real money is being spent and when it's just virtual play money in apps, but Amazon's previous lack of restrictions around purchases made by kids ...

New TSA Rules: Charge Your Cellphone and Other Electronic Devices for US-Bound Flights

Have a flight bound for the U.S.? The Transportation Security Administration has issued new rules in regards to cellphones and other electronic devices.

Places To See And Learn About Beautiful Butterfly Species

Get educated about, and up close and personal with, a variety of butterfly species housed right here on Long Island.

Cool Kids Classes and Summer Courses

School might be out but now is a great time to enroll the kids into classes to learn something new and exciting over the summer.

Update: NASA's "Flying Saucer" Misses Launch Window Due to Poor Weather Conditions

An experimental space vehicle designed to help NASA pave the way for future trips to Mars has missed a string of potential launch dates.

Pregnant Women Should Eat More Fish According to FDA, EPA Draft Advice

New guidelines aim to clear up misconceptions about eating seafood during and after pregnancy.

AG Schneiderman Commends EPA's Landmark Proposal To Cut Climate Change Pollution From Existing Power Plants

The proposed Clean Air Act rules would limit emissions of climate change pollution by existing fossil-fuel power plants.

A Day Trip to Museum Row

Take a fun, educational day trip over to Museum Row in Nassau County. Museum hopping made easy!

Regrowing Parts of Teeth May Be an Option over a Root Canal at the Dentist

A study led by researchers at Harvard is offering hope that one day there won't be the need for a root canal and other uncomfortable dental procedures. Regrow teeth with laser light therapy!

Schumer Calls on US Trade Rep to File WTO Suit in Response to Chinese Cyber-Attacks

Says indictments against Chinese hackers are a good first step but impossible to enforce & international penalties are needed.

New “Camelopardalids” Meteor Shower Predicted for Friday Night

A never-before-seen meteor shower may light up the skies between Friday, May 23 and the morning of Saturday, May 24.

Charges Filed for Blackshades Malicious Software That Enabled Users Around the World to Secretly and Remotely Control Victims’ Computers

Blackshades RAT Enabled Users to Activate Victims’ Web Cameras and Steal Files and Account Information; RAT was Purchased by Thousands of People

GM Recalls Nearly 3 Million Cars, Fined Historic $35 Million

A day after recalling millions of vehicles, General Motors has been hit the maximum fine possible for failure to report safety issues in the Chevrolet Cobalt.

Astronomers Discover a Second "Sun"

Researchers have discovered a star born of the same cluster as our sun for the first time.
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