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Oscar Meyer Wieners Recalled, Those Allergic to Milk Beware

Beware if you're a consumer of hot dogs. There's been a recall!

NASA's LADEE Spacecraft Crashes into the Moon

After completing its mission and surviving a Lunar eclipse, the LADEE spacecraft has impacted the far side of the moon.

Mark Your Calendar - National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is April 26th!

Have prescription drugs that you no long use or that have expired? Dispose of them properly through an initiative with the Drug Enforcement Administration on April 26th.

Casual Marijuana Use in Young Adults Leads to Not So Good Brain Changes, Study Finds

As more states legalize marijuana use, a new study out this week questions whether it is for the better. The study shows young adults using marijuana, even occasionally, face abnormal brain changes.

Income Tax Filing Deadline Is Here, Get Extra Time to File!

If you haven't filed your income taxes yet and don't think you can meet the April 15 deadline, here's what you need to know!

Heartbleed Exploit Could Compromise Millions of Web Users; How Can You Stay Safe?

A recently discovered vulnerability has been found in many of the web’s most popular sites, potentially putting millions of users at risk.

Lab-Grown Body Parts Possible with Tissue-Engineering

A group of researchers have successfully recreated vaginas in the laboratory to function properly with women absent of the part or who have underdeveloped vaginas due to a rare condition.

Worries of Mold in Capri Sun Pouch Drinks Addressed with Clear Bottom Packaging

The next time you grab that fruit juice pouch for the kids, take these extra steps to check for mold.

Schumer Announces FDA Has Heeded His Call and Will Tamp Down on Honey Laundering

After Years of Stickiness, FDA Will Finally Heed Senator’s Call & Create New Rules for the Labeling of Pure Honey – Making It Much Easier For Feds to Crack Down on Mislabeling, Unfair Competition & Dangerous Products.

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP – Can Your Aging PC Stay Safe?

The last security patch for Windows XP has been released, and Microsoft will no longer be supporting the 12-year-old operating system.

Stunning Footage of April 2nd Solar Flare Released by NASA

NASA has released images and video of a coronal mass ejection that occurred on the morning of April 2, 2014.

Study Finds Vegetarians Have Poorer Health than Meat-Eaters

A vegetarian diet may have some significantly negative effects on your health, according to Austrian researchers.

Cereal Boxes: There’s More to the Box than You Think, Study Finds

Do you or the kids have the urge to buy each time you walk down the cereal aisle? There's something to the eye gaze of the characters on cereal boxes, according to a study.

CDC Report on E-Cigarette Poisoning Increases Pressure for FDA’s Authority over the Products

E-cigarettes are claimed to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, but they pose a danger to children. Pressure is on for the FDA to have oversight over the products.

Feds Require Automakers to Put Back-Up Cameras in New Cars

New regulations will require that safety cameras be installed in almost every vehicle manufactured on or after May 1, 2018.

HTC Launches Its New Android Flagship, the One (M8)

The new iteration of HTC’s critically acclaimed smartphone is already available in store at Verizon and comes with a few improvements over its predecessor.

E-Book Retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble to Credit Eligible Consumers, $166M Settlement for E-Book Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Many e-book readers may be receiving credit on their account from retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and others after a settlement agreement was reached in a lawsuit involving 33 states and five publishers.

Daredevils Parachuting Off One World Trade Center Turn Themselves in After another Trespassing Incident at Skyscraper

Three of the men involved in the parachute jump stunt at One World Trade Center are from Long Island. All four men surrendered themselves to authorities on Monday.

Jones Beach to Get Face-lift through Proposed $65 Million Five-Year Project

Jones Beach State Park is going to be better than ever with a major revitalization plan that involves $65 million through a five-year project.

Toyota Charged with Misleading U.S. Consumers about Safety Issues

Toyota will pay a $1.2 billion financial penalty for defrauding U.S. consumers about safety issues in Toyota and Lexus vehicles.
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