Party Too Hard During the Super Bowl? Tips for Getting Back in Shape for Monday Morning

Monday morning after the Super Bowl can be rough.

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Super Bowl Sunday is here. It’s time to enjoy some great food and drinks while we watch the Seahawks battle the Patriots.
But if we enjoy ourselves too much tonight, Monday morning can end up being pretty brutal. Although there is no exact science behind curing a hangover, some doctors have found certain tricks do help many people suffering from headaches, upset stomachs and the other various symptoms people suffer from the morning after drinking too much. 
Here are some tips for taking care of your hangover and making sure you are in good shape for work tomorrow morning.
Burnt Toast
According to WebMD, the carbon from charred toast can potentially help your body filter impurities from beer, wine or liquor. Carbon is used by hospitals for people who have alcohol poisoning for the same reason. Burnt toast is just a lesser form.
Fatty Foods
The grease from foods like pizza or chorizo line your stomach. If eaten before you start drinking this will cause your body to absorb the alcohol slower. You should also eat something the morning after to replenish and re-energize your body.
Sports Drinks
Any typical sports drink provides electrolytes and helps you stay hydrated while fighting a hangover. Water works for this as well, and some doctors even recommend fruit smoothies.
This can help get rid of your headache after drinking all night. It is a good idea to take two before going to sleep and then take two more when you wake up in the morning.
Remember that these hangover cures are not 100% guaranteed to work. Everyone’s body reacts differently to alcohol, and it all depends on how much you drink the night before and how much your body can handle.
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