Ridge Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty


A Ridge woman has been charged with Animal Cruelty for mistreatment of 5 horses.

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Ridge, New York - August 20, 2013 - A Ridge woman was charged with 5 counts of Animal Cruelty Thursday by the Suffolk County SPCA for alleged mistreatment of 5 horses on her property.
Chief Roy Gross of the Suffolk SPCA said that Cynthia Schultes' horse farm in Ridge had been visited by SCSPCA Detectives and that the horses were found to be extremely underweight by a Veterinarian.  Gross said that the horses were sent to a boarding facility out of state.  Upon arrival at the boarding facility the horses received a thorough examination by an equine vet who reported that the horses were severely underweight and had various long  Smitty 3 weeks term medical issues which required immediate attention. One horse was near death and had to have an eye removed due to its long term neglect and that anemia had developed.    
An SCSPCA Detective visited the boarding facility to check on the horses, and all had gained varying degrees of weight and were responding positively to the medical treatment and nourishment they had been receiving since arriving at the rescue.   Ms. Schultes was charges with 5 counts of animal cruelty on August 15th by the SCSPCA.  Ms. Schultes is scheduled to appear in 1st District Court in Central Islip on October 17, 2013.