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Update: Body Found on Gilgo Beach is that of Missing Woman Natasha Jugo

The body that washed ashore on Monday evening is that of Natasha Jugo, a resident of Queens Village who was last seen in March.

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As the mystery of the numerous deaths at Gilgo Beach continues, the body that washed up on the beach has been identified as that of Natasha Jugo.

Jugo, 31, was last seen leaving her Queens Village home on March 16, when she walked to her car wearing pajama pant, a hoodie, and a bathrobe.  The next day, a Gilgo Beach resident found her driver’s license and wallet on the beach near Ocean Walk and called the police.  Upon further investigation, the police found her 2009 Toyota Prius abandoned near the beach with footprints in the sand leading towards the water.

Jugo’s body was found floating in the water by beachgoers at around 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

Police told Newsday that investigators “do not believe” that Jugo’s death is related to the remains that have been previously found on the beach. According to reports, Jugo’s body was still closed and showed no obvious signs of trauma. 

Her body was sent to a medical examiner for an autopsy on Thursday.

Jugo’s body is the 11th human body or body part to have turned up at Gilgo Beach since December 2010, according to News 12 Long Island.  The remains of eight women have been found at the beach, including five of whom were known to be involved in the sex trade. No one has been convicted for their murders, but the pimp of one victim, Akeem Cruz, has been charged with federal prostitution offenses and is serving three years in jail.

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