Spend the Night Dining with the Deceased at "Dinner With The Dead" in NYC


“Dinner With The Dead," a unique, exclusive, 5-course dinner party consisting of 20-30 people…well, and maybe a few unworldly, surprise guests.

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During the Halloween season it’s always fun to do something out of the ordinary, something you wouldn’t normally do during any other time of year. Just such an event is swiftly coming upon us and this event is called, “Dinner With The Dead.” Sounds pretty spooky, right? Well, “Dinner With The Dead” is a unique, very exclusive, 5-course dinner party consisting of 20-30 people…and maybe a few unworldly, surprise guests.

The night starts off with a toast by Psychic Medium Thomas John, who will be your host for the night. At the beginning of each meal of this 5-course feast Psychic Medium Thomas John will give readings and relay messages from loved ones who have passed on to the guests sitting beside him. Then as each plate comes and goes so does Thomas John, until each person around the table has had his or her reading done. The night will inevitably end with a delicious dessert and a final questions period for those wishing to get in one last word with Psychic Medium Thomas John.

Psychic Medium Thomas John has been featured in People Magazine, New York Magazine, GQ Magazine, US Magazine, and has been seen on TV shows and channels such as ET, Dr. Phil, and BRAVO. Thomas John even took some time to answer a few of LongIsland.com’s burning questions about himself, his background with the psychic realm, and of course, about this unusual dinner party event, “Dinner With The Dead.”

Q: When did you first know you had psychic abilities?
A: At the age of 4, I saw my grandfather and we began to communicate. As a kid, I would have dreams that would come true, I would know things were going to happen before they happened. A family friend who died in a car accident visited me before anyone knew they were dead. I have always had this ability. As I've gotten older, it has grown stronger.

Q: When did you begin doing this kind of work professionally and how did events like, “Dinner With The Dead” come to be?
A: Soon after college I began my professional career as a psychic medium.

I have always done live events (group circles, corporate gatherings, festivals) but "Dinner With The Dead" came about through a collaboration with a producer friend of mine about a year ago. I had done several dinner parties for clients on a private basis, and they were so well received we decided to expand the concept into a public event.

It has been so much fun watching people connect with both the "other side" and with each other at the dinner table!

Often people who are grieving and have lost someone have a hard time getting back into the swing of things socially, we have found that by putting folks together over a wonderful meal it is so healing and encouraging on so many levels!

MANY of the people who meet at "Dinner With The Dead" become friends and hang out together socially after the events!

Q: How different are your normal readings from readings that are done at events with multiple people, like, “Dinner With The Dead?”
A: Great question! DWTD is very different than any other readings that I do.

For instance a group reading typically includes 100 people or more. My group readings are two hours and realistically I can only get to so many folks during that time. It averages to about 8 - 10 direct messages during a 2 hour period.

A big part of the experience in my audience readings is watching others get readings.
A one on one reading lasts an hour, and is usually with just one other person and me. I have private readings booked for almost 3 years at this point so anyone who finds me now could easily have to wait a year or more to get an appointment.

DWTD is unique because I give individual attention to EVERYONE at the table as I go around. Everyone gets something, whether it be a quick hello from a loved one that has passed up to a full blown message. I of course never know WHO or WHAT message will come through, I just roll with what I am given, and that is what I share.

Sometimes - very little comes through for a guest, that is when I have those folks ask me specific questions so that I can make the most of the experience for them!

One thing we mention at the beginning of every session is that I have NO control over WHO comes through. If your loved one wants to talk - I am there to give the message - if they don't want to talk - I can't make them!

Q: What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
A: Helping people realize that when their loved ones pass from this realm - it is not over. Our loved ones continue to watch over us and guide us. I think my readings can often really help people become real believers, and it can be very helpful and insightful.

Q: Is there anything else you would like people to know about yourself, “Dinner with the Dead,” or the work that you do?
A: Food is a wonderful way to connect with people. We ALL eat....and when food is enjoyed with people that share a common interest it makes it even more special!

That’s what we bring to guests at "Dinner With The Dead" an evening of connection with those you love and great food. People bring their loved ones on Earth and connect with their loved ones that are deceased, and it really helps to bridge the gap.

If you’re looking to do something strange and thrilling this Halloween season be sure to reserve your seat for this exclusive event happening in New York City on the Candlelit Rooftop of Hotel Indigo on Wednesday, October 29th!

Photos by Andrew Werner