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Psychic Medium Thomas John Releases Dates for His Exclusive Event: “Dinner With The Dead”

On Wednesday, October 29th, world famous psychic Thomas John will be hosting a one of a kind 5 course dinner party that connects dinner guests with their loved ones who have passed away.

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New York City, NY - October 17th, 2014 - On Wednesday, October 29th, world famous psychic Thomas John will be hosting a one of a kind 5 course dinner party that connects dinner guests with their loved ones who have passed away - the only Manhattan Dinner with the Dead Event taking place the week of Halloween! The Dinner will take place on the Candlelit Rooftop of Hotel Indigo, and will feature a special reception and dinner, as well as an appearance by Special Guest Psychic & Astrologer Kim Allen.

The guest list for these previously private, “invite only” dinner parties have ranged from TV and film stars to politicians and titans of industry. Thomas John and his team have now made these evenings available to the general public.

As one guest said, “Coming to one of these dinner parties is like sitting in first class: you never know who you are going to be sitting next to (whether they are dead or alive). No matter what - Thomas John’s connections to bring the living together with the dead is Amazing!"

How Does "Dinner With The Dead" Work?
Only 20 guests attending this very exclusive and uplifting "Dinner With The Dead" event.

Registered guests arrive and check in with our "Dinner WIth The Dead" Event Coordinator. Guests are then escorted into the Dining Room where the most unusual dinner party that they have ever attended will take place.

Dinner begins with a toast by Psychic Medium Thomas John. The first course is served - and the connection between the earthly realm and the beyond is made. Thomas John reads and gives messages to his guests on either side of him - acknowledging the presence of his guest's loved ones and friends who have journeyed to be guests at this amazing dinner.

When the first course ends, Thomas John moves to the next designated station/chair situated around the large dinning table. The second course is served and the guests around him receive their messages while they enjoy dinner.

This continues throughout the evening, through 5 amazing courses.

The courses conclude with dessert, and as the evening comes to an end, Thomas John opens up the final moments for questions from his guests.

About Thomas John
Thomas John is one of the most popular Psychic Mediums in the world. His personal readings are now currently booked three years in advance - so the opportunity to have an audience with him is unique! Thomas has been featured in People Magazine, US Magazine, New York Magazine, GQ Magazine, and has been seen on Dr. Phil, ET, BRAVO, and has been featured on a variety of channels and shows.

For more information and tickets, please visit Thomas John's Official Website, or call 347-637-8592.



  • A recent Dinner with the Dead Event. Photo by: Andrew Werner