by Nick Christophers If there ever was a show worth going to on any weekday this one would be it. The combination of Tony Darrow (Goodfellas) and Lou Vanaria (Bronx Tale) is an explosive one ...

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by Nick Christophers

If there ever was a show worth going to on any weekday this one would be it. The combination of Tony Darrow (Goodfellas) and Lou Vanaria (Bronx Tale) is an explosive one to say the least. Tony for one a veteran actor who not only has a powerful screen presence, on stage he is even more entertaining. Lou, whose credits include Bronx Tale can make the wiseguys weep if need be. The show will be playing at the Triad Theatre from April 2 to May 21st.

The idea for the show originated with director/actor Paul Borghese and Tony Darrow. Paul, who has directed films like Searching for Bobby D and played a key role in the blockbuster film 61, was the brain-child of this project. The show opens up with Lou offering legendary songs from Frank Sinatra to Al Martino. Lou s electrifying voice carries you back in time and into the present with every piece. Then it is coupled with the non-stop comedic lines from Tony Darrow that leaves you gasping for air due to excess laughter

My cousin Tony and I thought, "why not keep ourselves busy here in New York by making our own work", so we did! Also, with Tony's background on the stage and with the following he already has and all the people we know, we figured we'd be able to sell tickets and boy are we selling tickets! Opening Night was sold out and it looks like that's going to be the pattern for every performance in April and May.

Paul has worked with his cousin Tony on many projects but most of them have been film related.This would be the first in live theatre. The same can be said for Lou Vanaria who has only worked with Tony in film never on stage. Lou was very excited to work with Tony and felt strong about the project.

.According to Paul, Tony and Lou it has exceeded their expectations. Absolutely! Tony has been so "on" and Louis is a great opening act. Having "Goumba Johnny" Sialiano from WKTU Guest Host on April 9th was a blast too! The audiences have loved the show, just look at the quotes, added Paul.

For Tony Darrow who has far more experience than both Lou and Paul has been very happy with the results so far. I am very happy to have been apart of the show. Paul is a great director and has developed a great idea for theatre. I personally don t want it to end. I enjoy watching other people laugh so they can forget about life for awhile, said Tony.

As for all three talented individuals they are always on the move with new projects. Paul for one is about to direct a short film entitled ALIENATED that Vincent Pastore will star in. It's being produced by an up and coming production company called Pavaline Studios. He is also going to be directing THE SIXTH FAMILY starring Armand Assante, ICE T and William DeMeo. Most likely, Tony Darrow and Lou Vanaria are sure to be thrown into the mix.

For Lou, he has been involved in recent films which will be out shortly called "Fighting" with Terence Howard and a short film called "Baby Bomber" directed by one of his best friends, James Madio. In TV he will appear as a guest star on "The Unusuals" - an ABC show as well as a Disney Film (shooting in LA in June) - called "The Sorcerer's Apprenticer" starring Nick Cage.

The show runs for six weeks and so far has sold out almost every date. It is a must see not only for the typical mob buff but anyone who enjoys a good laugh along with a great tune to sing to.