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Back to School: Keeping Students Active

Doing well in school is very important, but we cannot forget to keep our children active outside of the school day.

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Now that most school districts are heading back to school on Long Island, many youngsters are going to feel the back-to-school blues. Why does the school year have to be so tedious when you can continue to keep yourself active like you were all summer?
Staying active is important for students during the school year. With the stress of exams and homework, time in the community or meeting new people can help make the school year a little less stressful. Keeping active can have many definitions and it is really up to you what you feel to be considered active.
Long Island offers many different activities and events that children (and even adults) can get involved in throughout the school year. Please remember that your first priority is your school work.
  • Start at School: As always, students should try to get involve in as many school activities as they can handle. Some students will want to be part of a sport, club, band, or orchestra. Just remember, do not stretch yourself too thin. 
  • Volunteering: Many high school students are required to do a certain number of hours of community services. There are many organizations and fundraisers throughout the year. Don’t wait until it is required. Start early and you might just find an organization that will inspire you!
  • Various Public Event on Long Island: Many have a hard time believing that there is anything to do on Long Island. Check out’s Events Calendar for different activities taking place all over the island.
  • Part-Time Job: Some students may be inclined to work for some pocket money and a part-time job that works with the school schedule can help them with it. 
  • Bowling: Believe it or not, bowling is a great sport to play after school. Many bowling alleys offer deals during the week and it is a safe and fun place for kids.
  • Hiking: It might be getting a little chilly, but fall is a great time to enjoy a hike and see the leaves change color.
  • Programs at the YMCA: Check out the local YMCA for youth programs and events during the school year.
  • Local Library Programs: Did you know that your local library offers many after school activities for kids K-12? Check your local library for daily programs.
  • Roller skating/Ice Skating: There are many roller rinks and ice rinks on Long Island that have teen nights for a reduced price. Lessons are available at most and some ice rinks offer hockey leagues.
  • Doing chores: Let’s face it. Children need to do their part around the home too. Give your child a household responsibility so they take pride in their home by doing something for it. 
Kids need to stay active during the summer. Do you know any other activities kids can do when they go back to school? Comment below with your ideas!