Legislator Spencer Congratulates Huntington School District on the Stem School Opening


Legislator Spencer sent a congratulatory letter to Huntington School District.

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Dear Editor,
An exciting opportunity for many young people in the Huntington School District has presented itself with the anticipated re‐opening in September of the Jack Abrams School as a STEM school!
In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)schools, learning is collaborative and project‐based. Students work closely together in a hands‐on way to solve real‐world problems. Learning problem‐solving skills and helping students develop into critical thinkers is at the core of any STEM school, with the hope of preparing students for the high‐demand tech jobs ofthe future.
According to the Department of Commerce, jobs in STEM fields have grown three times as fast as jobs in non‐STEM fields and STEM fields are expected to grow 17 percent by 2018 compared to just a 9.8 percent growth for non‐STEM fields. Without an influx of graduates in these areas, the U.S. will not have enough workersto fill these jobs.
This is also a wonderful chance forthe young females in the District to venture into an area which historically has been dominated by youngmen. As the parent oftwo daughters, I would be thrilled forthemto have this opportunity!
I would like to commend Super intendent James Polansky and the Huntington School Board of Education for taking this innovative and bold step. I wish you great success in this venture and look forward to hearing the results of your endeavor some time next year.
WilliamR. Spencer, M.D.
Suffolk County Legislator
18th LegislativeDistrict