Sad Reality

The sad reality of life on our Island this week, really did me in!

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I am a little bit depressed today.  I am usually smiling and happy go lucky.  But the sad reality of life on our Island really did me in.  I was fine on Blue Monday a few weeks back.  Had we not had Superstorm Sandy, I would be busy packing for a week in the Sunshine State.  Instead we are using snow shovels in place of sand shovels.  We planned on going bowling at our local Smithtown Lanes, but the blizzard demolished that.  I look at our exorbitant tax bill and hoped for better snow removal from our town. Many of my trees are leaning from the weight of the snow.  Even going to the SmithHaven Mall for some retail therapy, was an issue this week. It is a lot to endure.

Sure we know plenty of people who did not cancel their vacations.  When they come back tanned and relaxed my depression will transform into jealously.  I could not pull my children out of school without feeling guilty.  As it turns out they both have tests and projects due next week. 

Valentine's Day was filled with romance, red roses, cuddles, decadent chocolates, laughter, Champagne, kisses, and love!

With today's news, I am thrilled that the Meteorite did not fall on us.  But then there is the threat of more snow in the forecast for the weekend. I guess that the local groundhogs were right.

Please let me know if anyone else feels this way on Forum