The Six Truths of Job Reality

A stranger came upon two bricklayers and asked each one what they do? One turned to the stranger and with a look of annoyance said, what does it look like I do, I'm a bricklayer. ...

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A stranger came upon two bricklayers and asked each one what they do? One turned to the stranger and with a look of annoyance said, what does it look like I do, I'm a bricklayer. The other turned to the stranger and with a look of content said, I build castles.

Great day everyone, my name is Michael Coritsidis and I am Long Island's Job Ready Strategist. I have designed and implemented proven job methodologies that have assisted hundreds of unemployed get employed. With philosophical, informational, motivational and inspirational guidance, clients find my no-nonsense, step-by-step, tough love, boot camp-like approach a welcome breath of fresh air. Be forewarned, as Long Island's Job Ready Strategist, I will respond to job related questions with what you need to know, not what you want to hear. The likelihood is that you will receive job-related strategies that are counter to what you were told by other sources. You will not always agree. You will not always follow my suggestions. First, be open to any and all job-related advice. Second, if your way is working, ignore any and all recommendations. However, if your way is not working, admit it and be open to alternatives. Fair enough?


1. It is an employers market. For every one position, there are one hundred applicants. The employer today can sit back and choose a candidate who is younger, faster, smarter, willing to accept less get the idea. How will he decide?

2. Despite what mommy and all those with good intentions told you, you can't always be what you want to be when you grow up. Do you know that no matter how hard Michael Coritsidis tries, no matter how much I believe, I can never be the president of the United States. Do you know why....right , I wasn't born here. So be realistic with your goals and who knows, you might be a governor one-day instead.

3. The economy is not so great. If you ask a person who is working, about the economy, they'll say, it's good, but it can be better. If you ask a person who is unemployed about the economy, they'll say, not good and hope it doesn't get worse. Is your economic glass half empty or half full?

4. What you don't know can, will and does hurt you. The person, who is fortunate to get hired, is capable of completing tasks that once took many. What is your marketability quotient? Do a reality check and assess those areas that need improvement. Now go and improve them.

5. No matter what the economy, employers are hiring. There is a job out there with your name on the paycheck. The fact is, you must approach today's job market as you would any business. You must have a well thought out plan of action and be willing, able, and ready to implement it

6. You can't do it alone. You shouldn't have to. It's like the surgeon that operates on him/herself. Team (Together Everyone Achieves More) up with a Job Ready Strategist. Together you will be better prepared for today's job market and succeed.

In conclusion, this is not "the good old days", when you send your resume, interview and get hired. Those days are gone. Along with the changing times, the interview process has also changed. If we want to compete and have an opportunity to win, we too must change. Look for future articles that will help guide, explain, and suggest proven ways to navigate the job-seeking maze. Like the bricklayers, build your castles, but remember, even castles are build one brick at a time.