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Town of Islip Issues Update on Roberto Celemente Park

The following update was issued by the Town of Islip

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Islip, NY - September 24, 2014 - As explained at the last Town Board meeting, our team continues to meet daily to clean up Roberto Clemente Park and we are getting closer to that goal.  The following information offers a brief overview about where the team is as of 9/24/14:
As reported, the team submitted the Town’s draft material removal plan on September 5th.  We have had several discussions and meetings with NYSDEC representatives during the past two weeks, and we await their return comments.  
In an effort to help move along the process, we submitted and successfully received approval for our Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation plan two weeks ago from the NYSDEC.  The Town’s plan calls for groundwater sampling through the installation of three permanent wells.   Two of the wells will be installed as downgradient wells, and one well will be installed as an upgradient well.  The Town’s plan, accompanied by the State’s approval letter, has been posted on the Town website for several weeks alongside the many ongoing testing results at Roberto Clemente.
We moved quickly to secure a contract with an environmental firm following the approval and issued a notice to proceed last week.
This next step in the clean up process has already begun with mark outs of all underground utilities.  Installation of the first permanent well will start on the morning of September 24th.  
As a reminder, these wells must be installed PRIOR to any disturbance of materials.  As expected, there will be a coordinated effort between the Town and the NYSDEC to ensure compliance of the approved plan and we have received confirmation that representatives from that agency will be on site at installation. 
In general, the principal objectives of installation are to obtain background water-quality data and to evaluate groundwater quality, long into the future.
The team has worked to develop the procurement documents for removal of illegally placed material from the soccer field and recharge basin.  The goal is to have the procurement documents ready for issuance upon approval of the cleanup plan from NYSDEC.  We expect to deliver this first draft to the Town Attorney for his review within the next few days.
The public should be made aware of an unusual report made to us by a  Brentwood resident who became suspicious after she discovered alleged  ”water testers” on her property who claimed a need to check the “safety of her tap water supply”.  
Our team immediately contacted both Suffolk County Health Department and Suffolk County Water Authority to check if they had assigned staff to Brentwood for such purposes, which neither agency did.    
As reported many times by Suffolk County Water Authority officials, Brentwood residents are on a public water supply and, in the words of the Authority Chairman, “It’s important, first and foremost, for residents to know that their water supply is absolutely safe to drink.”
We take this public opportunity this evening to make the neighborhood aware of this suspicious activity and to ask them to please call Suffolk County Police or Islip Town Public Safety if you are asked to let a stranger in to test your tap water.  Health officials have reported to us that homeowners who are served with public water and have a specific issue with their drinking water can request to have their water tested directed by calling the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.