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AIR QUALITY ALERT IN EFFECT FROM 11 AM THIS MORNING TO 11 PM EDT THIS EVENING The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an Air Quality Health Advisory for the following counties... Richmond...Kings...Queens...New York...Bronx...Westchester... Rockland...Nassau...and Suffolk. from 11 AM this morning to 11 PM EDT this evening. Air quality levels in outdoor air are predicted to be greater than an Air Quality Index value of 100 for the pollutant of Ground Level Ozone . The Air Quality Index...or AQI...was created as an easy way to correlate levels of different pollutants to one scale. The higher the AQI value...the greater the health concern. When pollution levels are elevated...the New York State Department of Health recommends that individuals consider limiting strenuous outdoor physical activity to reduce the risk of adverse health effects. People who may be especially sensitive to the effects of elevated levels of pollutants include the very young...and those with preexisting respiratory problems such as asthma or heart disease. Those with symptoms should consider consulting their personal physician. A toll free air quality hotline has been established so New York residents can stay informed on the air quality situation. The toll free number is 1 800 5 3 5, 1 3 4 5.

Reps. Rice, Reed Introduce Bipartisan Resolution to Prohibit Members of Congress from Serving on the Boards of Publicly-Held Companies

The resolution would match a rule that is already in place in the United States Senate.

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Kathleen Rice, United States Representative for New York's 4th congressional district.

Photo by: Office of U.S. Congresswoman Kathleen Rice.

Long Island, NY - August 10, 2018 - U.S. Representatives Kathleen Rice (NY-04) and Tom Reed (NY-23) today announced that they will introduce a resolution to amend the current Rules of the House of Representatives to prohibit Members of the House from serving on the boards of publicly-held companies. The resolution would create a House equivalent to Senate Rule 37.6(a), which states that no Senator “shall serve as an officer or member of the board of any publicly-held or publicly regulated corporation, financial institution, or business entity.”
Reps. Rice and Reed said jointly:
“We must change the rules to prevent members from serving on corporate boards in order to improve the public’s trust in Congress. There should never be a doubt in the public’s mind to lead them to think their Representative could be corrupted or incriminated because of their stake or position in a private company. We owe the American people this fair assurance.
Today, we are announcing a resolution to amend the House Rules to match those of the Senate, which strictly prohibit members of the Senate from serving ‘as an officer or member of the board of any publicly-held or publicly-regulated company.’ This change is important and long overdue, and we urge our colleagues in the House to pass this resolution.”