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Kings Park Man Arrested on Manslaughter Charges After Murdering His Grandmother

A Kings Park man has been charged with first degree manslaughter after murdering his grandmother early Friday morning.

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Clarence Newcomb, of Kings Park was arrested on manslaughter chargers early Friday morning after police responded to a 911 call he made shortly after 4 AM Friday morning. According to Kings Park Patch, Newcomb, 25, admitted to assaulting his grandmother, Kathleen Newcomb, and told police that she way lying on the floor when he called. The fight was allegedly over a dispute about the television program that they were watching together at the Kings Park home where they both lived, although few details have been been released by the police. Newcomb has been charge by police with First Degree Manslaughter, and is scheduled to be arraigned on Saturday at the first district court in Islip. 

No weapons were recovered from the scene and as of now, no cause of death has been specifically determined. The man who initially called the police Friday morning has yet to be identified, as well. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick of the SCPD stated that he doesn't know what television programs the two were arguing over when Newcomb attacked his grandmother.

As of right now, Newcomb is in police custody, awaiting arraignment and cannot be reached for comment.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to update this story.