Winning Mega Millions ticket bought by Californian, 20 Long Islander arrested in heroin ring bust and other LI top news stories for January 15th, 2012

Homeless Intel Semifinalist, Family Get Home; Winning Mega Millions Ticket Bought by Californian; Bay Shore Schools Investigating in Personal Monitors to Battle Obesity; 120 Long Islanders Arrested in Heroin Ring

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Homeless Intel Semifinalist, Family Get Home

Samantha Garvey, the bright young scholar who aspires to be a marine biologist, and earned a spot in Intel’s Science Talent Search Semifinals now has a place that she can call home. The 17 year old girl, who attends Brentwood High School has been living in a homeless shelter with her parents and siblings, and her inspiring story and talent prompted local officials and legislatures to reach out to the family. They now have a residence in a fixed rent, meant for families who are struggling through hard economic times. The Marriot Corporation has also reached out, and pledged to help the Garvey family furnish and decorate their new home.

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Winning Mega Millions Ticket Bought by Californian

The Mega Millions winner who has remained a mystery for weeks has stepped forward to claim his prize. The winner, Daniel Bruckner, resides in California – he was visiting family on Long Island when he stopped into King Kullen in Middle Island and purchased the ticket along with his groceries. Bruckner said at first he was shocked and in disbelief after checking the numbers numerous times. Bruckner is originally from California, and they were in town visiting his in-laws – his wife, Christine, is a Long Islander. They said they often go to King Kullen when they’re in town, and occasionally play lotto, but never won more than a few dollars before this.

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Bay Shore Schools Investing in Personal Monitors to Battle Obesity

In a controversial move that many are calling overly invasive, Bay Shore Schools have invested in 10 monitoring devices for students that keep track of how physically active they are, as well as vitals such as heart rate. This move comes amidst the growing problem that Americans are facing – a struggle with weight control and obesity. The school said that they’ve decided to use the devices so that students can get a better understanding of whether or not they’re physically active, but the ACLU says the devices are encroaching on privacy.

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120 Long Islanders Arrested in Heroin Ring

Over 120 Long Islanders have been arrested for trafficking heroin from New York City to Long Island, where they could make significantly higher profits.  The men and woman involved would purchase the illegal drugs in the city for about a third of the selling price on Long Island, and most of the drug was being brought out to Eastern Suffolk County for resale. According to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, these criminals have been turning the Long Island Expressway into the “Heroin Highway”.

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