Break out Your Masks and Beads for Mardi Gras

March 4th marks the day of Mardi Gras, a day of masks, beads, and celebration around the world. Check out all the Mardi Gras events going on here on Long Island.

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Mardi Gras literally means "Fat Tuesday" and it is the day before Ash Wednesday. This day is used for people to enjoy rich, fatty foods before they give anything up for Lent. People think of New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but you do not have to go to Louisiana to celebrate. This year, the Fat Tuesday falls on March 4th, but there is going to be plenty of fun all week long for you to enjoy!

Mardi Gras is known for carnival parties, costumes, masks, and beads! In addition to the festivities is the consumption of King Cake, a cake with a plastic baby doll in it. The baby doll is meant to symbolize Jesus and, if you were to find the baby doll in your slice of cake, it is good luck. 

There are events, restaurants, and many different ways you can celebrate Mardi Gras this year. So be sure to check one of them out!


Restaurants Offer Mardi Gras Cuisine:

Where to Buy King Cake:

Plan ahead and make reservations or pre-order any specialty meals or cakes. 

What do you plan on doing this Mardi Gras? Tell us in the comments below!