Tuesday's Top 10: Family Fun That Does Not Break the Bank


Wallet-friendly fun across the Island.

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Residents across Long Island will be heading to the polls today.  Our 124 districts are holding their budget proposals and school board elections for the 2013-2014 school year. A total of seven districts are trying to pierce the state mandated 2% property tax cap.

The word budget is on the minds of every Long Islander.  Most families do not operate on the billion dollar budgets that the school districts have.  Building a family budget is a great way to map out your expenses and purchases so you can see just where your money is going. You can harness the power of Excel spreadsheets, Quicken and other software programs, but there’s also nothing wrong with using an old-fashioned pencil and piece of paper. The main objective is to figure out whether you need or want to redirect your money toward priorities – or, better yet, dreams – you consider important.  If you’re reeling from the weight of credit card bills, student loans or other debt, a budget can help you see how to dig your way out. Always allot enough money to pay more than the minimum payment due.

Check out these wallet friendly things to do over the long holiday weekend.


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