5 Off-Duty NYPD Officers Among the Bikers Involved in Brutal Attack on Henry Hudson Parkway


Two of the bikers involved in last Sunday's melee that ended with a driver being dragged from his car and beaten have turned themselves in, and happened to be off-duty NYPD detectives that did not ...

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In a recent investigation into the biker melee on the Henry Hudson Parkway last week in which a driver was viciously attacked by men on motorcycles, five of the members of the motorcycle gang have been identified as NYPD officers.

Last Sunday, Alexian Lien was driving his SUV with his wife and young daughter when they were surrounded by over a dozen bikers, who drove in front of the car in order to try and get the driver to stop short.  Lien bumped against one of the bikers, and as the bikers gathered around his vehicle, Lien took off and ran over one of the bikers, Edwin Mieses.  The bikers pursued the driver, and hen the driver pulled over, one of the bikers smashed the driver’s window, pulled out Lien, and beat him in front of his family.

Not all of the bikers in the group took part in the attack on Alexian Lien, as shown by a video that was taken on the helmet of one of the bikers. 

According to ABC News, at least two detectives witnessed the attack on Lien and did not directly intervene. Three other off-duty officers were among the motorcyclists, but authorities do not know what role they played in the attack.

The two detectives involved did not step forward until Wednesday.

The biker who smashed Lien’s window and beat him, Reginald Chance of Brooklyn, turned himself in on Friday night and is now in custody.

Some of the bikers still maintain that Lien was the aggressor.  Said one biker to ABC News, "He drove erratically and bumped the bike on the side. When he bumped that bike on the side, that biker became aggressive because his life was in danger."

Mieses suffered from two broken legs and suffered a spinal injury that left him paralyzed.

"This is a complex investigation with a lot of people involved," said a source to ABC News.

[Source: ABC News]