Author Purchases 15.5 Million Dollar Villa

Renowned playwright and children's book writer Gary Beers of New York, has purchased a $15.5 million dollar German Villa. The property is situated in a Napa like Valley adornment with such property to be a ...

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Gary Beers has been a wonderful addition to the literary markets around the world. In recent years, he, personally, has contributed to date, some forty-six pieces of almost all to be million copy best sellers and is the creator and sole writer to what many children around the Globe are still excited about, "PumpKinRoo!" Beers has never seen the voluptuous property, and as other sources indicate, he actually bought the German Villa, "Online." It was said of Beers in recent interviews that ...he felt his family would enjoy a piece of their very own heritage... "When researches of family trees discovered Beers to have twenty generations of family ties going back to 1620 in Great Britain, and such of his ancestors directly came first from Germany. He saw pictures of the property and bought the villa online! "I know it is a crazy and unthinkable thing to do. When you look at the home's history, any one in that particular situation, as I was, would have bought the estate too." I am happy with my decision, and look forward to spending some time in Germany next year."