Police Searching for a Man Suspected of Stabbing His Father


Eric Georgoulakos allegedly stabbed his father several times and ran off with his neighbor's SUV. Police are still on the lookout for him.

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A domestic dispute violently escalated yesterday after a son stabbed his father in their home. The incident occured a short distance from Farmingdale High School on Grant Street in South Farmingdale. Eric Georgoulakos, 23, allegedly stabbed his 53-year-old father at their house after the two got into a heated argument with each other. It’s unknown what the argument was over though. Georgoulakos fled the scene and police are still on the lookout for the suspect.
Georgoulakos stabbed his father several times on his torso and head. Once finished he left his father bleeding out on the ground and then made his way to a neighbor’s house on nearby Washington Street. Georgoulakos convinced the neighbor that he had to use his bathroom and was easily let inside. Once inside the neighbor’s home he stole keys from the table they were placed on and sped away with her Chevy SUV. 
His father was admitted to a nearby hospital from the injuries he received at the hands of his son and is in serious condition. Detectives are saying the 2004 Tan Chevy Trailblazer Georgoulakos ran off with had Pennsylvania plates on them with the license plate number HKE-2644. 
The manhunt for the 23-year-old is ongoing and detectives are urging anyone with information or the whereabouts of Georgoulakos to call 911.
[Source: ABC]