Suffolk County Police Officer Shoots and Kills Unruly Stray Dog in Brentwood

It took two shots to kill the dog who repeatedly bit the officer that attempted to check its tag.

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An incident between a dog and Suffolk County Police Officer ended in tragedy Tuesday evening. Police are saying that the officer shot and killed the stray dog when it had become unruly and started biting.
It all started around 5:40 p.m. when someone called 911 after a lone dog started growling at customers and patrons in a car wash on 3rd Street and 5th Avenue in Brentwood. The person who called in the emergency ended up feeding and sitting the dog down so Suffolk police could check the tag around its neck for the name and address of the owner.
The dog went on the offensive after an officer tried to check the tag. According to police, the dog bit the officer and wouldn’t let go. Both the officer and person who called 911 tried kicking the dog off. When the kicks didn't hinder the dog, the officer fired at it.
The first shot didn’t keep the unruly stray down though. The dog got right back up and continued his attack. The cop fired at it again and the second shot was the fatal one which put the stray down. The only person bitten during the incident was the Suffolk County Police Officer who shot at it. Both bullets were recovered at the scene.  
The officer was treated for injuries in his legs and hands at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore. Police say the dog wore a purple collar and chain around its neck. As of Tuesday, it’s still unknown who the dog’s owner is or even what breed it was.
[Source: NBC]