5 Places to Get the Great Tasting Pickles on Long Island


Get your standard favorites plus a variety of interesting flavors.

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Photo: Backyard Brine Facebook page.

Pickles come in all shapes and sizes - well, probably sizes more than shapes - and a ton of flavors. Sure there are the most popular types like dill, Kosher dill, bread and butter, and gherkin but these places really push the limits on what a pickle can be as well as your tried and true favorites. Below we feature five places on Long island to get great pickles in your typical flavors and some interesting new combinations.


The Pickle People - A Long Island favorite in 2020, they have been in business for 40 years. Try their Half Sour Garlic-Sun-Cured Pickles. Location: 611 Woodfield Road, West Hempstead, (516) 481-5350.


Pickle Me Pete - Founded in 2009. Try the Wasabi Sour. Location: 53 Bloomingdale Road, Hicksville, (516) 433-8400.


Divine Brine - Buy the award-winning pickles online or in store. Try the Honey Hot Bread and Butter Pickles. Location: 195 Central Ave L, Farmingdale, (631) 396-0404.


Pickle Packin' Papa - Find their pickles in store and farmers markets. Try the whole jalapeño pickles. Location: 593 Route 25A, Rocky Point, (631) 821-5595.


Backyard Brine - Specialty food company founded by husband and wife team Cori Anne and Randy Kopke. They produce all-natural pickled products, condiments and preserves on the North Fork of Long Island. Try the Smokey Sienna, a smoked jalapeno dill.