Fire Department Vehicle Submerged in Surf on Fire Island

Caught on video, the truck is seen rocked by waves.

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Screen capture of video taken on Fire Island on Saturday of a emergency vehicle in the surf.

According to reports the vehicle featured in a video making its rounds was a Fire Island Pines Fire Department SUV that veered off-road and into the surf this past Saturday.


Beachgoers were down by the shore that day to witness the effects of Hurricane Dorian on the ocean and shot video and took pictures of the SUV being battered by the waves.


In the video, the vehicle can be seen taking a beating by the water, displaying the sheer power of Mother Nature as the SUV is rocked back and forth like a toy. Subsequent photos show the truck overturned in the water as the tide came up.


Fortunately, reports say that the driver and passengers were able to escape the vehicle and no one on the beach was hurt.


Click here to watch the video on LI_Weather twitter page.