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Preventing Bullying- Lets Let A Dog Show Us How It's Done

This is the story of Hobbes, an adorable 9 year old dachshund who was once the victim of severe domestic violence.

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Bruce Zeman and Hobbes the rescue dog.

When Bruce Zeman, a radio talk show host in Vermont, received a call from the Addison County Humane Society about Hobbes, he and he wife Tami knew they could help.  The adoption papers were signed, and Hobbes had a safe new home.

Bruce and Tami knew they had a challenge ahead of them. Sometimes when a dog is so mentally and physically abused, it can be hard to rehabilitate and re-socialize the dog enough for it to trust humans again. This happens a lot with the treatment of breeds like Pit Bulls. Thankfully there are shelters, groups and individuals that are devoted to helping these animals live happy long lives and find their forever homes. 

Bruce and Tami also knew that with enough love, patience and care, Hobbes would be okay, and boy were they right! Hobbes had such an amazing recovery that Bruce and Tami wanted to share his story in hopes to help others. Bruce and Hobbes travel the country educating countless children and adults about the effects of bullying and what to do if you are being bullied or see abuse taking place. Remember, people who bully animals will also bully people. We learn from Hobbes that we all need to keep our eyes open, report abuse, and help others however we can.

Bruce and Hobbes’ have received great amounts of recognition for their efforts. Hobbes is the only canine in Vermont history to be honored as a police K-9 in 3 communities and is also the “official” fire dog of the New Haven Volunteer Fire Department. Even President Barack Obama has read and adored the story of Hobbes Goes Home! Since 2009, Bruce & Hobbes have helped over 1000 animals find homes, and raised over $50,000 for the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center in Middlebury, the organization that rescued Hobbes. 

There are several ways to share Hobbes’ story with your children: 

  • Read Hobbes Goes Home to your children and loved ones. The lessons learned are invaluable and could possibly change a life one day. Profits from book sales benefit about 100 organizations around the country including shelters for domestic violence victims and their pets. You can order your copy on Bruce and Hobbes’ website at
  • Listen up! Bruce and Hobbes have their very own radio show “Bruce & Hobbes which is "all about animals, all the time". You can tune in and listen straight from their website!
  • Schedule a visit.  Bruce and Hobbes would love to visit our school districts, clubs, organizations, etc., here on Long Island.  Meeting them in person can have an amazing impact. In fact, often times Bruce will hear from children after a presentation who have witnessed bullying or have been bullied (or are bullies) themselves.  Just starting the conversation could maybe save a life one day.  

For more information, visit Bruce and Hobbes on their website or send an email to