Art Classes for Kids: Let Your Little Artist Shine!

Enroll your little Van Gogh in a structured arts class, and prepare to be surprised by all that they will learn to do!

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If you have a little Picasso on your hands at home, help him or her hone their skills by signing them up for an art class.  Classes are often offered at art galleries or by not-for-profits in scenic areas.  Be sure to choose a class that focuses on your child’s preferred medium, whether it be drawing, painting, sculpting, or even something more specific, such as jewelry making.  Also, consider the size of the class to see if your child will benefit from it, especially since some students may require smaller class sizes or even one-to-one support, whereas others are fine and can establish their own projects while part of the crowd.  Load your child up with any necessary art supplies, and see their skills flourish at one of these great classes!

Long Island Academy of Fine Art
Ages 9-18
The LI Academy of Fine Art offers classes for young artists, ages 8-13, which include drawing, painting, and sculpture.  There are also classes in the same areas for high school students who would like to prepare their art portfolios.

Art League of Long Island
Ages 6-18
In the Young Artists program, children can take part in art exploration activities, drawing, painting, cartooning, sculpting, puppet making, pottery, and jewelry making classes.

East End Arts Council
Ages 5-12
If your kids love drawing, the East End Arts Council offers several drawing classes, as well as classes in watercolors and mixed media.

Creative Art Space for Kids
Ages 5-14
The non-profit CASK offers classes in every medium, including drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, mixed media, and more.

Sweetbriar Nature Center: Judith Collester Memorial Art Center
Ages 7-18
Older children can take art lessons at Sweetbriar, where they will draw their fine art inspiration from the nature center’s beautiful wildlife and grounds.

Smithtown Township Arts Council
Ages 5-13
Classes on painting animals, plants, and landscapes are available for artists ages 5-10.  Preteens can enjoy fashion research, illustration, pattern making, and garment construction techniques made to reflect an experience in a real life design room.

Abrakadoodle Art Studio
Ages 20 months – 13 years
Abrakadoodle offers a wide selection of classes across the age groups, including “Mommy and Me” style art classes for kids that are around 2 years of age, through more directed art classes for preteens that focus on drawing, painting, and mixed media techniques.

Gallery North
Ages 6-11
Drawers unite in the “Back to the Drawing Board” class, or take a step back and analyze colors and how they are used in “Fall Into Color” class, both of which are held on Saturday mornings.

The Teaching Studios of Art
Ages 8-18
Young artists are offered two different paths: Those ages 8-12 may take the classical drawing and paint class, and those who are ages 13 and up can enroll in the drawing and still life class.  Teens can also pursue figure drawing and painting, pencil portrait drawing from photographs, and an intensive sketchbook course.