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Two Men Rescued from Water After Vehicle Strikes Utility Pole and Lands into Water in Island Park

Fourth Squad detectives report the details of a serious auto accident that occurred in Island Park on Saturday, 04/30/16 at 9:55 P.M.

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After striking a utility pole causing wires to fall down, then running through a fence between two homes, the vehicle fell into the waterway with the driver and one passenger still on board. The incident occurred in Island Park.

Update - May 1, 2016 - Fourth Precinct Officers Ahmad Kessba, Anthony Albanese, Paul Maywald and Jamal Ramos responded to the below scene. The officers entered a rear home on Block Lane and observed a 2002 Audi approximately 50 feet from the bulkhead in 6 feet deep water. There were two people inside the vehicle.   The driver managed to crawl out and was on top of the vehicle. The male passenger was trapped inside the automobile.  Police Officer Kessba and Albanese quickly commandeered a 20 foot ladder and laid it onto the vehicles’ trunk and floating dock.  Officer Kessba carefully crawled over the ladder to the submerging automobile, while Officers Albanese, Maywald and Ramos held onto the ladder.  Officer Kessba was able to reach the driver, pull him onto the ladder and then to land.  Officer Kessba and an Island Park Firemen now on top of the sinking vehicle held the passengers head above water so he would not drown.  After approximately five minutes in the water, an Island Park Firemen dressed in a wet suit and a line swam out to the aided and along with the above two successfully removed the victim and swam back to the dock.  

The original press releases is below.

Island Park, NY - May 1, 2016 - Fourth Squad detectives report the details of a serious auto accident that occurred in Island Park on Saturday, 04/30/16 at 9:55 P.M.

According to detectives, a 2002 Audi sedan, operated by a male driver, 24, was driving on Warwick Blvd./Block Lane when he struck a utility pole causing wires to fall into the roadway.  The vehicle then left the roadway, struck shrubbery, drove through a fence in between two homes and continued into the waterway (Broad Channel) in the rear of the houses.  Fourth Precinct police officers removed the driver and his male passenger, 28, from the vehicle.

Nassau County Police Aviation transported the passenger, who sustained multiple fractures to the leg in addition to a shoulder injury, to a local hospital.  Island Park Fire Department transported the driver, who sustained abrasions, to a local hospital for evaluation.

Detectives report no apparent criminality.