Long Island Restaurant Week: Great Deals on Fabulous Dining April 28th - May 5th


The annual Long Island Restaurant Week is approaching and it is a culinary event too delectable to miss! If you have been waiting to try a new cuisine, or return to an old favorite, this ...

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Looking for somewhere new to eat? How about eight days of opportunities to experience some of Long Island’s diverse and widely acclaimed restaurants on the cheap; not as impossible as you’d think, Long Island Restaurant Week makes it possible. This bi-annual event has made it easy to try some of the best food on the East Coast. Hundreds of restaurants, and thousands of people come together to create this experience.

The first Long Island Restaurant Week was held in 2006 - inspired by the Hamptons Restaurant Week, and the New York Restaurant Week, Long Island has followed the tradition. Introducing locals to fantastic restaurants at a fraction of the price, this festival cannot be missed. With cuisine from Italy, India, France and so many others, locals are given the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of various places around the world. The event is presented by Long Island Restaurant & Hospitality Group, and has continued the event due to its impressive increase in both participants and revenue - year after year, it’s proven to be a fun. It was estimated that number of visitors had increased at 40-100% and the number of reservations at the participating establishments increased 200% every year.  

Long Island Restaurant week comes in the fall and again in the spring just before the summer activities begin. During this generous week, each participating restaurant offers their own three course prix fixe menu for just $27.95. This spring, it is estimated that over 160 restaurants from across Long Island will be participating. Extended one day longer than its ever been before, this year’s event will run April 28th to May 5th - allowing you more than enough time to try out many different cuisines or restaurants, some maybe more than once. Now, you can return to your old favorites, but also, get a taste for something new.

This affordable price makes this the perfect time to try out that new restaurant you have been dying to go to, or surprise someone you care for with a delicious night out.Long Island’s Restaurant Week also gives you an excuse to try a new cuisine and start your adventurous summer. Gaining great recognition and various awards, this event is crucial to everyone’s spring calendar. Long Island Restaurant Week allows offers all the chance to try a new cuisine without leaving Long Island this summer.