Darryl St. George Makes Huntington Town Council Bid Official, Announces Website Launch


Darryl St. George, a local teacher and veteran who announced on February 2 that he was exploring a potential run for Huntington Town Council this fall, declared today that he has made his candidacy official.

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Huntington, New York - March 25, 2015 - Darryl St. George, a local teacher and veteran who announced on February 2 that he was exploring a potential run for Huntington Town Council this fall, declared today that he has made his candidacy official. This announcement comes in conjunction with the launch of his campaign’s new website, www.darrylstgeorge.com. St. George is seeking the Democratic nomination to run with Councilwoman Susan Berland for two at-large Council seats. Though he is currently the only other Democrat to make his candidacy official thus far, he is open to the possibility of running a primary in September if necessary. “Political competition yields stronger candidates in much the same way that the free market yields innovation and improvement in the economic sector,” St. George states, “So I sincerely welcome any Democratic challengers to enter the mix and help our party to choose the best candidate possible.”
St. George and his campaign team have spent the last several weeks meeting with various community organizations, civic groups, political leaders, and denizens of Huntington to listen to their input and concerns. St. George has also begun a series of “town hall” style forums to discuss issues important to different groups within the community. The campaign’s first such town hall was for veterans from throughout the township. The event was a great success that led to a very productive dialogue. St. George and his supporters are currently planning follow-ups to this first meeting. They are seeking venues throughout the town and are considering other groups and topics to focus on, such as an upcoming discussion on public safety, a forum for educators, and a youth summit tentatively scheduled for June as part of an effort to mobilize younger voters.
St. George states:
“In the last two months, I have learned a lot and taken time to seriously consider my decision to run. The more I have met with members of the community, the clearer it has become that the timing is indeed right for me to pursue my candidacy this year. We live in a very special town, but we still face challenges that must be addressed. While these difficulties may seem daunting on the surface, I view them as opportunities for the community to rally together to achieve positive change. As your representative on the town council, I would work relentlessly to ensure that our government confronts these challenges head on and pursues the best possible solutions for them.”
The campaign’s new website, www.darrylstgeorge.com, was created by St. George’s campaign team in an effort to bring his campaign to the next level. Visitors to the site can read information and news articles about Darryl St. George, sign up to volunteer as part of his team, subscribe to email updates, or donate to the campaign by credit card through a secure merchant gateway.
Regarding the website, St. George states: “We are proud of the website both for the product we have created as well as for what it represents. We produced this site on our own, rather than paying a web designer. We strive to minimize campaign costs and get the most mileage possible out of the contributions we receive. We are committed to running an efficient and effective campaign in much the same way that I will work for efficiency and effectiveness within town government.”
Robert Farrelly, St. George’s campaign manager, weighed in on St. George making his candidacy official:
“Our interactions with the community the last few weeks have made it very clear to us that the voters are calling more than anything else for a candidate with integrity. And I can tell you for a fact that no one has more integrity than Darryl. When a person takes a leave of absence from his job to serve his country in combat, that’s a person you know is dedicated to service. Many candidates talk about their commitment to service, when in reality they are actually more interested in making deals and lining their own pockets. In the end, actions speak louder than words. History is replete with dark horse candidates winning elections to the surprise of critics who weren’t able to recognize which way the wind was blowing. And Darryl is much more than the average dark horse candidate—he is a force to be reckoned with. More and more voters are coming to recognize and respect that. I could not be more honored to be working with him.”
For more information please visit the campaign on:
Website: www.darrylstgeorge.com
Facebook: facebook.com/FriendsofDarrylStGeorge
Twitter: @darryl_stgeorge
Email: FriendsofDarrylStGeorge@gmail.com