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Celebrating Safely Takes More Than the Luck of the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Eat, drink and be merry - but do so responsibly!

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This year St. Patrick’s Day falls on Tuesday, March 17th, so even though you may not be doing too much actual celebrating the day of this year, the weekend leading up to will be chock-full of various parades, bar crawls, traditional dinners, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! While everyone is decked out from head to toe in green & gold, enjoying one another’s company, drinking different beers & brews and eating delicious Irish foods, don’t forget to celebrate safely!

Check out these tips and tricks for staying safe this St. Patrick’s Day - no matter how you decide to celebrate!

Charge Your Phone Before You Leave & Bring An Extra Battery!
Before you head out for some St. Patrick’s Day fun, make sure your phone is fully charged in case of an emergency, you get split up from your group, etc. It is also a good idea to keep your cell phone in power save mode, or simply turn down the brightness of your screen, to reduce battery life suck.

Another solution to lack of cell phone battery while you’re out is to bring an extra, charged up battery with you. That way you can take out the dead battery and replace it with the charged one when you need it.

Keep Your Valuables On You & Close!
Sadly even during a time of celebration and merriment, people will still try and take advantage of those who may have been having a bit of extra fun. Make sure when you go out this St. Patrick’s Day that your money is safe.

Don’t slip your wallet in your back pocket then forget about it, someone could easily attempt to steal it or you could accidentally drop it. Keep money hidden in places a person may not think to look!

Old chapstick containers, once cleared out, make a great place to stash some cash that fits perfectly, and inconspicuously in your pocket.

Travel In Groups!
If you’re bored of the bar, restaurant, party, or other St. Patrick’s Day celebration that you are currently attending, never leave by yourself! Always bring a buddy or a group with you. There is safety in numbers and with someone with you you’ll decrease your chances of getting lost. Also never allow a member of your group to go off with strangers.

Keep An Eye On Your Beverage!
Even if you’re just quickly running over to the bathroom, never leave your drink unattended. You never know what someone could have done to your drink, or put in your drink, in your absence. Either ask a reliable friend you came with to watch it for you while you’re away, or bring it with you!

Have A Designated Driver Lined Up!
Whether you have a friend who isn’t drinking today, you plan on calling a cab service, or good ol’ mom or dad is picking you up, make sure you have some sort of ride and designated driver lined up for when you’re ready to leave the celebrations and head home. There are also local Long Island companies that specifically offer designated driver services to those who need it.

How will you be spending your St. Patrick’s Day this year? Let us know!