Islip to Intensify Parking Violation Enforcement

The Islip Town Board unanimously approved an amendment to the town code to enhance the town's parking violation enforcement.

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The Islip Town Board voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass a code amendment that will enhance the Town’s enforcement of parking codes.  Increased penalties will include vehicle booting and default judgment.

This amendment is the second phase of the Town’s beefed up parking violations enforcement.  Four months ago the Town launched the Parking Violation Amnesty and Collections Initiative, which collected over $115,000 by early October in unpaid fines from over 1,500 parking violations.  By the end of the amnesty period, the Town collected over $350,000 in unpaid tickets, closing 4,631 out of 8,000 cases.
“This administration has repeatedly stated that the Town can no longer fail to crackdown on individuals who choose to illegally park in spots designated for the disabled, or in emergency fire lanes, or who block business and residential driveways.  These Town Code amendments will ensure the greatest of penalties in our power to scofflaws,” Councilman Steve Flotteron said.
The new code allows the town to place a vehicle on a scofflaw list when it receives four or more parking violations, and the owner has failed to pay the fines, appear at a scheduled hearing, or pay the fine within 30 days.  These vehicles can be either towed or booted, and boots will only be removed upon the full payment of all active fines.
Other penalties include default judgments, which will be filed with Suffolk County and will work against individuals seeking loans, or have an adverse impact on their on the vehicle owner’s credit rating.  The Town also has the authority to prevent repeat violators from renewing their vehicle registration.  
Fines for parking in a handicapped space is $170, while failure to respond to the violation increases the fine to $530.  
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