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Prepping the Home for the Holidays

Don't stress this holiday season! Here are some quick ways to whip your house into shape for holiday entertaining.

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Preparing your home for guests during the holidays can be stressful. On top of the pressure of actually having guests over you also have to clean, cook, host and perform a plethora of other tasks in preparation for your gathering. You have to make sure everything is looking neat and tidy but also fun and festive! Then you have to cater to your guests and make sure everything they could possibly need is readily available and present.

Now, before you start working yourself up into a tizzy, here are some quick ways to whip your house into shape – and just in time for holiday entertaining.

Cleaning – Entertaining guests is stressful enough, so try not to go too crazy with the cleaning. You’ll want to make sure you vacuum, wipe off surfaces, tidy up the bathroom, replenish the toilet paper supply, clean the microwave and, if you have any pets, get rid of as much animal hair as possible. Don’t forget to clean out the downstairs coat closet so guests have room to hang their coats!

Festive Décor – For holiday gatherings you not only want to wow your guests with the food but also with the atmosphere and décor! If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner decorate your house in Fall tones, using leaves, wheat, and cornucopias as accent pieces. You can also make a big statement with a festive centerpiece in the middle of the dining room table. Consider lighting a candle or two also with scents that match the season! If you’d rather not have out an open flame then get a Fall scent that plugs in!

Guest Safety – Guest safety is number one when it comes to holiday gatherings. Make sure all doors and entryways are well lit and that any debris, like dirt, sand or leaves, are cleared from the steps and walkway. Take care of any tripping hazards around the house and tighten screws on handrails, knobs, etc. Don’t forget to check your first-aid kit to make sure it is fully stocked. It is also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

Baby Proofing – If any of your guests are bringing babies or small children over you’ll want to baby-proof your house for their safety and the safety of your things. Cover electrical outlets and move vases, lamps, away from table edges or places it could easily be knocked off or knocked into by guests. Also, try to keep anything valuable up high or secured in places children cannot get into. Move chemicals and toxic materials from floor level to a higher, unreachable level. You’ll also want to block off any stairs that a child could fall down.

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Photo by John Munsch via Free Images