Festive & Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table


Convey the spirit of Fall & Thanksgiving with an eye-catching centerpiece!

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Every year on Thanksgiving families get together to share a special meal and give thanks for all that has been bestowed upon them. This year make sure your table is super eye-catching with a festive and creative centerpiece! Centerpieces are not only beautiful but they can really bring together a seasonal motif.

Making your own centerpiece is ideal because you can personalize it however you want. If you opted to purchase one pre-made, though it would save you on time, it may not look exactly how you’d like it to. Now that you can DIY you can make a piece that matches your current Fall décor & find other pieces that will compliment it.

The Golden Touch
According to Greek Mythology, whatever King Midas touched turned to gold so with this project you’re going to be giving off some of that Midas touch. Go outside and pick off some barren branches from nearby trees and some leaves. You’ll need spray paint to cover the leaves in gold and a hot glue gun to adhere them to the branches. Let dry then set them in a simple, glass vase in the middle of your table.

Wheat Sheaf
For this project you’ll need some wheat, big rubber bands, scissors, and wide double-sided ribbon in Fall tones. Start by spreading the wheat on a flat surface. Pick up a few stalks at a time, holding them in the crux of your hands just below the grain pods. Add more stalks one at a time and at an angle to the ones in your hand, lining up the tips. Make sure to move your hand down the bunch as it widens.

Once you cannot hold anymore wheat use a rubber band to secure your bunch in the middle. Next trim the ends of the wheat until they are all even. Now use your pretty ribbon and tie it around the bunch, covering the rubber band.

Fall Floral Candles
Get out your fanciest candles and get ready to dress them up for this centerpiece! Head out to your nearest craft store and pick up some fake flowers in a collection of Fall colors. Try to also get some embellishments, like berries, to add in. Now that you have your flowers you can arrange then around your candle. Use hot glue to get the pieces to stick where you want them to.

How will you be dressing up your table for Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Roger Kirby via Free Images