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Make Home Inventory Documentation Part of Your Disaster Preparedness Plan.

LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc. announces it is bringing pre and post loss personal property inventory documentation services to Long Island.

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In a report prepared by The National Fire Protection Association in 2009, a residential fire occurs every 84 seconds. According to that same report, households can expect to average a home fire every 15 years. The average household has a one in four chance of having a home fire large enough to be reported to a fire department during an average life time. Our hurricane storm season lasts from June to November and Long Island has the most residential property at risk of being damaged by a hurricane, with nearly 1 trillion dollars in potential damages to dwellings and their contents. While these statistics are a dry topic, it illustrates that most people are unlikely to escape significant damage to their dwelling and contents during their lifetime. You had the foresight to purchase insurance in the event of loss but have you prepared a household inventory?

It is difficult to recall, from memory, everything you have in your home. After a loss, trying to inventory your personal property is not just a tedious, time consuming task but one which causes a great emotional toll. Without proper documentation of your destroyed items, the insurer could refuse to reimburse you. This could cost you thousands of dollars!

You can prepare your own inventory. But isn't your time more valuable? Your life, like many, is hectic with work, family and social obligations. Preparing your own inventory also requires organization, focus, and the patience for the small details of this time consuming chore. Let LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc. take care of it for you!

LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc.'s services include a detailed Personal property inventory, photographs, and a
video of the interior and exterior of your home contained in a written report and on a CD for safe, convenient
storage. We also scan your receipts so that they do not degrade over time. The cost of a professional inventory is truly minimal relative to the amount you will recover in the event
of a loss with the proper documentation.

If you've recently been a victim of a fire, storm damage, or flood, LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc. is here to help! Our professional knowledgeable staff has more than twenty years of claims-litigation experience in the insurance industry. We'll save you the time and energy needed to properly validate your property damage claim with a view towards maximizing your recovery. Whether you retain a Public Adjuster Company or wish to be your own advocate against the insurer; a professionally prepared inventory document will serve to expedite the claim review process and help you maximize the amount paid on your loss by as much as 20%.

LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc.'s services aren't just about preparing for the insurance claim process. Other reasons for having a comprehensive easy to read inventory document include:
1) Making sure you have the right amount of insurance
2) Having a report to provide the police to help recover any stolen items
3) Support your loss for tax purposes, if certain items aren't fully covered under your insurance policy.
4) Help prepare wills and other aspects of estate planning.
5) Providing an inventory of household possessions prepared by a neutral party which can be utilized during the divorce process.

As an owner operated business, LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc. gives you the personal care and attention to your property as if it was our own. LI Home Inventory Pros, Inc. is one of the few local inventory documentation companies which has
Over 20 years of insurance claims experience;
Member of the National Association of Home Inventory Professionals.

For more information about our services, fees, and benefits visit our web site