CharityMiles Turns Sweat Into Donations

CharityMiles is a new app that converts every mile you exercise into a donation for your non profit organization of choice. The app gives people the initiative to get out and get active!

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On your mark, get set, and sweat, because exercise can now help donate to a number of non-profit organizations with an App for the Iphone and Android. Instead of simply benefiting your own wellbeing, you can help make a difference in another person’s life with your run, walk, or bike ride. The App, founded by Gene Gurkoff converts sweat into dollar donations, but they’re not coming from your pocket. The App, CharityMiles, donates 25 cents for every mile walked or ran and ten cents for every mile that you bike.

These charitable donations come directly from corporate sponsors. CharityMile’s donations go to the exerciser’s nonprofit of choice. The donations are made to one of nine non profit organizations such as: The Global Fund, Autism Speaks, The Nature Conservancy, Pencils of Promise, Achilles International, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, or The UN World Food Progamme.

CharityMiles helps health enthusiasts save their money and feel even better after a grueling workout. With the 214 percent rise of obesity from 1950, this app could be the initiative that many Americans need to get up and get active. A major aspect of the CharityMiles app is to spread the word of this new exercise philanthropy, so the app makes it a point to give you the option of broadcasting your CharityMiles to your Facebook friends and fellow Twitter users. So get out, get fit, and get charitable with CharityMiles.