Hurricane Sandy: Remembering and Giving Back

October 29th this year will mark one year since Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island. Many families, homes, and businesses are still recovering from this storm. Learn how people are coming together to reflect and raise ...

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This Tuesday, October 29th, will mark one year since Hurricane Sandy made its way to Long Island. Many homes and individuals were affect by this storms and, even after a year, they are still recovering from the super storm.

Many people came out to help those in need a year ago and are continuing to support and help those who are struggling on Long Island. To help in the relief and recovery, there are events taking place on Long Island to remember what happened a year ago. Check out the events below:

  • Project 11561: People are invited to Kennedy Plaza to light lanterns and reflect on what happened last year.
  • One Year Event: To honor those so were affected and those who help out, Adopt a House is an organization who is helping people find relief after being affected by the storm. 
  • Hurricane to Hope: The River Fund is having a fundraiser for Sandy victims.

Can't make an event? There are still many organizations you can make donations to or volunteer your time to.

Have you been affected by Sandy and still seeking assistance, please check out the organizations above to help you and your family find relief. 

Are you organizing a Hurricane Sandy remembrance or fund raising event?
How have you given back or helped out? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Gernon.