Haunted Houses that Will Make You Scream!


Halloween is a month long celebration that transforms Long Island to Scary Island!

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Watching Michael Jackson's video of "Thriller" is a very tame way to get into the mood for a visit to a haunted house.  Thankfully, there are plenty of haunts filled with thrills and chills right here on Long Island providing spooky good fun to both Nassau and Suffolk.
Prepare yourself to be scared at any of our local haunted attractions.  They feature live actors dressed as ghouls, ghosts and zombies, along with props and music.  The themed rooms, corridors and labyrinth of passageways are designed to maximize the fear and intense horror.  There are plenty of spooky scenes and special effects, but the true fright may be the real ghosts that are lurking or are they? The demonic spirits are sure to spook you too.  Experience the feelings of being buried alive, suffocating, or claustrophobia to the extreme.
If you're looking to scream your head off and be scared out of your wits!  Head to one of these frightful spots:

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