Wednesday's Top 10: Haunted Places

Long Island’s most creepiest and prolific haunts to check out.

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Ray Parker Jr. sang it best, "Who ya gonna call, Ghostbusters?"  Well, if you prefer to actually see the ghosts...Long Island is home to many reportedly haunted locations. The Long Island Paranormal Investigators are real and celebrating their 9th year of service.  They are dedicated to helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by utilizing objective scientific methods and research.  There is no charge for their ghost investigation services, if you think that you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business.
With the rich history of our Island, it is filled with folklore, myths and urban legends. From ancient Native American burial grounds to remnants of the Revolutionary War to Gatsby-era mansion estates, Long Island is hallowed ground—the stage for countless triumphs and tragedies throughout the centuries. It’s no wonder some tales have thrived just as long—along with past inhabitants. 
Do you believe stories like these, or do you think they're just urban legends? Whether you get chills up and down your spine when you hear about ghostly visitations, or  you use your GPS to find them.  Here is a list of supposedly haunted places on Long Island.
  • Katie's of Smithtown 
    145 West Main Street, Smithtown (631) 360-8556      
    Say hi to bartender Charlie Klein who is about 115 years old. He may be missing a limb or two and he might knock a few glasses off the shelves. The property has a long history dating back to 1909. 

  • Kings Park Psychiatric Center
    Established in 1885 on more than 800 acres of land, this is a mini city of restless, anguished souls. Once home to more than 9,000 patients.  Some of the buildings have been knocked down last month. Please note that this haunted location is not open to the public, although you can drive through parts of the property.

  • Mount Misery Road, Huntington 
    Mt. Misery starts at the intersection of Broad Hollow Road/Route 110 and Sweet Hollow Road and ends near Jericho Turnpike.  There are many legends of what happened here. 

  • Amityville Horror House
    112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville  
    The book and movie made this address quite famous.
    Please note that this haunted location is not open to the public, and is a private residence.
  • Fire Island Lighthouse 
    4640 Captree Island, Captree Island  (631) 661-4876  
    The original lighthouse, standing 74 feet high, was constructed of stone in 1826 and served as a beacon to distressed whaling and merchant ships for about 30 years. It was replaced by the current lighthouse, built in 1858, which is rumored to be haunted by a curator who committed suicide prior to its resurrection.

  • Wickham Farmhouse
    Route 25, Cutchogue 
    The farmhouse was built in 1704. On June 2, 1854, it became the site of a brutally vicious slaying. James and Frances Wickham, along with a 14-year-old servant boy, were axe-murdered in their bedrooms by a 21-year-old Irish farmhand named Nicholas Behan who, following an intense manhunt, according to The New York Times archives, was discovered hiding in nearby woods, put on trial, hung and buried in an unmarked grave. Descendents witnessed a ghost standing over their bed in 1988.

  • Lake Ronkonkoma 
    The lake is awash with legends and stories, from tales it’s infested with piranha to the belief it is bottomless and has magical healing powers.

  • Morgan Hall Route 107, Glen Cove Built in 1910, the former estate of financial tycoon J.P. Morgan is haunted by the ghost of his young daughter Alice, who succumbed to typhoid fever in the mansion.
  • Country House Restaurant 
    1175 North Country Road, Stony Brook (631) 751-3332
    The old farmhouse was built in 1710 and was a stagecoach station in the late 1800's.  The spirit of a young woman hanged by the British as a spy during the Revolutionary War is still there.

  • Raynham Museum Hall
    20 West Main Street, Oyster Bay (516) 922-6808 
    Used by the British during the Revolutionary War, is said to be haunted by former inhabitants Sally Townsend and British Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe, who were in love with each other. Another spirit rumored to roam its grounds is that of British Major John Andre, who was hung for treason when he and Benedict Arnold's plot was foiled. 


Do you know of other haunted places?  Let us know at Long Forum!